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  1. divrguy

    California Fermenter or small freezer

    Price: free Need to make room. Have this small freezer that I used to use as a fermentor for 5 gallon buckets. Then later to store beer with an STC. If you can use it, it's yours. STC not included. NorCal 94533
  2. divrguy

    California Beer books

    **SOLD** See pics. Will send media mail $25 for all
  3. divrguy

    California Blichmann beer gun

    **SOLD** I have used this only a few times. I have also added a stainless carbonation cap so I could hook up to my gas connect. That was $15. Filled with Starsan It has all the connections that come with the connection kit. Total was $120 $65 PLUS SHIPPING (Fits in a medium flat rate)
  4. divrguy

    California CORNELIUS c02 regulator with guard

    SOLD*** Brand new never used. I never needed this one after I got my kegerator set up. $45 plus shipping
  5. divrguy

    California Stc 1000

    **SOLD** I have 2 temp controllers. $20 plus shipping each Btw, these are wired and ready to go
  6. divrguy

    California Excess Hops $60

    ***SOLD** have some excess Hops. ALways been in freezer. Some still Vacuum sealed. Some have been opened. Please see pics. $60 that's less than $10 per lb Hop list Centennial 12 oz Citra 14 oz Mosaic 8 oz Cascade 1lb German bag misc see pics Columbus 5.5 oz German tradition 7 oz...
  7. divrguy

    California Thermowell

    Thermowell $15 each or discount in multiples 24.99 at morebeer I have 3 extra and can work a deal on all 3
  8. divrguy

    California Stc-1000+

    **SOLD** Flashed + Brand new $22 shipped
  9. divrguy

    California Swing tops

    **GONE** Misc swing tops Local pickup 94533 Trade for a homebrew or IPA
  10. divrguy

    California Heat wraps

    **SOLD** I have some small heat wraps I used for meads ciders and Kombucha Usually around a 1 gallon fermenter but could also be used around a larger one
  11. divrguy

    California Carboy and 1 gallon fermenters

    I have a 5 gallon carboy, Brush and 2 1 gallon fermenters for 1 beer! 1 nice IPA or Homebrew of your choice NorCal 94533
  12. divrguy

    California 20# C02 Tank and Taprite

    ***SOLD*** Have a spare 20# Tank and Regulator I don't use. Near Full. Prefer Local pickup. Northern California $100 PM me for more info.
  13. divrguy

    California Morebeer hop spider 25

    I have a morebeer hop spider with a hop bag that reaches to the bottom of a 15 gallon kettle. Shipping on your dime. OR I will trade you for Awesome IPA's and Pale Ales not available here in Northern Ca. I will cover it all obviously in that case. PM me
  14. divrguy

    California Excess Gear Complete setup

    Sold****sold*****sold***** complete setup local pickup sold****sold*****
  15. divrguy

    Blacksmiths show your stuff!

    Okay beer lovers. I know you guys are tinkerers and I gotta believe some of you LOVE working with metal else there wouldn't be so many badass brew rigs out there. So, I'm a machinist by trade and just getting into blacksmithing. Trying to get a mini shop set up with some tools. (Anyone in...
  16. divrguy

    Help cloning Paulaner Oktoberfest Weisn beer

    It's that time of the year when I hunt down every lead at local liquor stores and buy out the Paulaner Oktoberfest Weisn on hand. Best Oktoberfest I've ever tasted when I was in Germany. Anyone have a spot on "Clone"?
  17. divrguy

    3 tap tower with perlicks or ventmatic

    Looking for a 3 tap tower. Really no preference on stainless or brass or a T-type vs straight tower. Should have 3 quality faucets. Send pics
  18. divrguy

    ISO C02 regulator

    Got it!
  19. divrguy

    WTB Small ball lock keg

    Looking for the regular ball lock rubber top and bottom 2.5 or 3 gallon kegs. pm me if you have something available. Northern California
  20. divrguy

    Homebrew burner

    Located in NorCal. Bought this originally at Home Depot and removed the burner and installed a new 210,000 btu bayou burner. It has a 30 PSI regulator. I installed a wind screen also. Works great. I switched to a natural gas setup so this was a backup. Been sitting so $40 or trade for some...