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    Coopers Irish Stout Alteration

    I have a can of Coopers Irish Stout sitting around and i wanted to increase the head retention. I had made one previously, but it was very sweet and not bitter enough to my tastes. I am a amature at homebrewing having only done extract batches. I want to add crystal malt to the recipe along with...
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    I'm from calgary alberta and im having a tough time finding a place that sells 5gal kegs, or any size for that matter. my question is where can i get one? or is there a trusted site i can order them from.
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    First Partial Mash

    Going to start my first partial mash today. Just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for me. I'm doing a coopers irish stout and will be using: 1lb Crystal Malt 1.7kg Irish Stout 2oz cascade for bittering, 1 oz for dry hopping Irish Moss 11g Nottingham yeast
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    Coopers Stout

    I made a coopers stout and it just finished its primary. I tasted the sample and it was overwhelmingly chocolate, and sweet. I was thinking of hopping in a secondary to level out the sweetness with a mild cascade hop. I know dry hoppings meant for aroma but i was hoping it might sharpen up the...
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    Racking Question

    I have a coopers stout in the primary right now and was wondering if i should bother racking it. I know its good to rack lagers and pale ales for clarity but does it make a difference with a stout? 500g DME Coopers Original Stout 1.7 kg 1 kg Brew Enhancer 2
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    Coopers Lager lookes like an ale?

    brewed my first coopers lager the one that comes with the kit, followed instructions. left in the fermenter for 7 days, hydrometer read 1010 for two days, bottled in 750 ml bottles. left for 2 weeks and opened one to see how they were coming. poured it and it was amber! it was carbonated. tasted...