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    electric sanke keg sanitizer idea

    I have been fermenting in sankey kegs for a few months now. For my proposes they work well, but the same problem exists. I can't see into the keg to be sure it is clean. I do an oxy soak, and use drill mounted carboy cleaner, but still I am never sure. I have accidently made an oatmeal sour...
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    Trellis Post question.

    I have about 70 plant growing in a tent configuration with a center cable at 12 or 14 feet high. I am hoping to expand next year, and need to source longer posts. My Cascade and Chinook plants make the top of the wire by the second week of June or so. Currently I am using the longest pressure...
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    What to use a new oak barrel for?

    I have been invited by a cooper to build a barrel in his shop. The geek factor alone made me say yes. I haven't built the barrel yet, so I don't know just how big it will be. It will be toasted to my specification. I have read a few oak barrel posts, and it is my understanding that most...