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  1. UselessBrewing

    Stirplate for Carboys?

    Occasionally I will make a big beer (Above 1.060) for special occasions, family outings, or just for myself. Recently I made the third rendition of a Scotch Ale which came in at 1.109. My procedures during primary fermentation change a little for bigger beers in that I roust the yeast twice a...
  2. UselessBrewing

    Counter Flow Chiller vs Plate chiller

    I currently use an Immersion chiller, but had some questions about the Counter flow Chiller. When using the counter flow chiller do you run the water opposite the way the wort is flowing. So the coldest portion of the water is hits the wort last? What do you think about using a combination...
  3. UselessBrewing

    Brew Tree vs RIMS vs HERM

    Other than Complexity of the system, What are the Pro's and Cons for Brew Tree vs RIMS vs HERM. I am leaning toward a Brew Tree because of the simplicity of it. But wanted to pose the question to the masses. If you list what you feel the pros and cons are, I will put a spreadsheet together with...
  4. UselessBrewing

    Scotch ale

    I want some input on the following recipe. I'm looking for this to be a smooth Scotch ale with some alcohol warmth to it. I was also thinking of adding some oak chips to it that I have soaking in bourbon. BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: To Don a Kilt Brewer...
  5. UselessBrewing

    Lite Brown Ale (Hop Water) Yuk

    I brewed a light body, light alcohol brown ale in an attempt to have a refreshing ale that I could drink over the summer. After doing the 123 (Keg Carbed) I tried this last night. All I could taste was the hops, nothing else (Hop Water). I am tempted to toss this out and try again because I...
  6. UselessBrewing

    Munich Dunkel Recipe wanted

    I'm looking for an AG Munich Dunkel recipe that is low in bitterness and has lots of caramel flavors. Does anyone have one they could share?
  7. UselessBrewing

    Porch/Lawnmower Beers

    I am going to make a Lite American Lager. This one will have 30% adjuncts to it and a nice floral finish and should be a refreshing Porch/Lawnmower beer, also it should only have to lager for about 30 days. This is attempt number two at this recipe. The first one was fair so I made some changes...
  8. UselessBrewing

    Beer/Road Trip! (And Family Stuff)

    Ok so my wife wants to go see her grandmother in Sedro-Woolley (Never been there). I want to pick up some of the local beer's while I'm there and mail them back to Houston. And I would like some suggestions for the trip of places to go for great beer or even just some micro brews/brewerys that...
  9. UselessBrewing


    Went to the beer fridge/kegerator/lagerator last night and there was warm beer in there. Not to worried about Warm beer, but I had a Bohemian Pilsner lagering (Well not now) in there for the last 3 weeks. It has only been warm (69deg) in there for two days. I say that because I had a beer on...
  10. UselessBrewing


    I am looking for a recipe for Kotbüsser. Does anyone have one that they could recommend? Kotbüsser. Traditonal brew from the region (county, province) of Germany now called "Cotbuss". Was behind Iron Curtain for a lot of the 20th century. Part wheat, part barley, part oats. Should have a head...
  11. UselessBrewing

    Smooth Oatmeal Stout

    I took this to a beer club meeting and everyone liked it. This is the second time making this recipe and I am about to make it again. Partially because I'm almost out. (Again) :cross: this is from the Recipe Database Smooth Oatmeal Stout The goal is to smooth it out some more, and give it more...
  12. UselessBrewing

    Priming Sugar Confusion

    I'm looking at purchasing two 5gal Corney kegs and a 5# bottle (along with other misc items:) ) from a guy that no longer has an interest in HB. WOOT! :mug: I have read posts that say you put priming sugar in the keg and some that indicate a keg is force carbed without priming sugar...
  13. UselessBrewing

    Bohemian Pils

    What do you think about these grains for a 5 gal batch Bohemian Pilsner Amount Item Type % or IBU 10 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) UK (3.0 SRM) Grain 85.11 % 1 lbs Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM)...
  14. UselessBrewing

    2/29/08 Your Leap Year Brew?

    I am going home early to brew a Leap Year Brew. Granted I don't know if I can wait till it turns 1 year old before I drink it. :) I was thinking of doing "Brewpastor's" Water Into Barleywine. Anyone else planning anything special? :tank:
  15. UselessBrewing

    Hops Schedule

    I just did a AG batch (Brown Beer Experiment "Citrus HefeWeizen") and it dawned on me that I may have boiled the batch for 15 min longer than I needed to. I am not a hop head so I always tweak my recipes. This time I decreased the amount of time to 45 min that I boiled the Hops so not as much...
  16. UselessBrewing

    Brown Beer Experiment "Citrus HefeWeizen"

    BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Brown Beer Experiment "Citrus HefeWeizen" Brewer: Preston Brown Asst Brewer: Style: Weizenbock TYPE: All Grain Taste: SWIMBO's exact words "Thats the best beer I have ever had" She wont let me give any away... It's her beer she says. Very...
  17. UselessBrewing

    Cleaning Fresh Fruit

    How do you clean fresh fruit? I have a recipe that calls for orange zest. It is added at the end of the boil and so maybe I should not worry about it. But I know fresh fruit has allot of pesticides, and I don't want that in the beer! So what do I use to remove pesticide? Thanks
  18. UselessBrewing

    Clover vs Wildflower Honey

    What's the difference. Other than the obvious, one is made from Wild flowers and the other is made from Clovers. I also noticed that most (95%) of the honey in the store is clover. Is this because of the region I'm in? Thanks
  19. UselessBrewing

    Very Dark Wild Honey Question

    I have some Dark Wild Honey that I purchased on one of my trips to Ruidoso N.M. The Bee Keeper told me that she was not sure what the bees had gotten into, but the honey is Wonderful. I must admit it does have a great wild taste to it, but i dont know how it will be as a meed. I must also...
  20. UselessBrewing

    Aroma Hop-Steep

    What is an Aroma Hop-Steep? :confused: I found it in a recipe that had a 5 stage hops schedule, 1/2oz (60min), 1/2oz (45min), 1/2oz (30min), 1/2oz (15min), 1/2oz (Aroma Hop-Steep) Thanks