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    I am looking for someone interested in trading. I'm looking for Pliny the elder, heady topper, world wide stout, zombie dust, palate wrecker, and gandhi bot among others.
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    A there a spot for trading that I'm managing to miss? I've been looking for a while and haven't been able to find anything. I'm looking to trade for the following, Pliny the elder, heady topper, gandhi bot, world wide stout, palate wrecker. Let me know if there is a spot for this I am missing or...
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    Anyone used rhubarb in brewing. Looking for some advice, like what style it would go best with. How best to get the flavor I come through. My mom doesn't drink anything but told me if I made her a rhubarb beer she would drink it. So I need something light like a cream or a wheat. Any suggestions...
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    What to do

    Came upon 2 mr beer kits for American golden lager for free. I want to add something to make it a little more than boring. Any ideas?
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    Found a new style

    I've tried a bunch of stouts but never found one that I liked. Was in the local brewpub, Millys tavern in Manchester nh and decided to try their Russian imperial and I'm glad I did. It is excellent. If anybody happens to be in the area stop in and have one. You won't be disappointed.
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    Homebrew club

    Is there somewhere I can find a homebrew club that meets near me?
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    Have a cider that's been sitting in bottles for probably about a month. Popped the top on one today and it foamed everywhere leaving only about half a glass. What gives?
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    Alcohol content

    Saw a recipe for a dogfish 120 minute clone that involved adding sugar during fermentation. My question is, how do you determine alcohol content if you are doing this?
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    Adding fruit

    Someone gave me a mr beer wheat extract kit and I want to add some kind of fruit like blueberry or raspberry for my wife. At what point should I add it and should I use a purée or fresh berries and how much for a 2 gallon batch?
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    Final gravity seems off

    I'd my first all grain, a dogfish 60 minute clone. My og was right around 1.042 and my final gravity appeared to be 1.020. Did I do something wrong in the process or am I reading the hydrometer wrong. Do I need to take a sample out and take a reading or can I put the hydrometer right in my bucket?
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    Did my first all grain and was just wondering if fermentation time is any different than extract. How long should a 5 gallon batch typically ferment for?
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    First all grain

    M going to be doing my first all grain brew and I'm looking for some guidance or general step by step instructions I can follow to get my feet wet. I am going to be doing a dogfish 60 minute clone. Any help is greatly appreciated!