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    Bayou SQ-14 question

    I just did my second boil with the sq-14 last night and had some issues. My first boil went great, kept 7 gallons boiling just fine. Last night it was a lot colder (probably high 30s low 40s) and I couldn't keep a boil going without the lid partially on. Is that normal? Every time I tried to...
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    60qt brinkmann aluminum pot $61 at Home Depot

    I just picked up a 60qt Brinkmann aluminum pot at Home Depot for $61 today. I checked another Home Depot and it was $85, both marked down from $120 or so. Just an FYI in case anyone is interested.
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    My neighbor's mulberry wine smells like feet...

    I know nothing about wine making and just got into beer brewing. I've been sharing with the neighbor and he brought over some mulberry wine he made from my mulberry trees and it smells like feet (sulfur maybe?). I told him I would post up here and see if anyone knew of a way to get rid of the...
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    Mashing flaked wheat (crappy brew day)

    I made a basic partial mash (stovetop) wit last night, the recipe was 4.5lbs of flaked wheat and 3lbs of pilsner DME. I had a lot of problems mashing the flaked wheat, it basically turned to mush and retained a ton of water. I mashed using 2.5 gallons @ 152, but only ended up with about a...
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    Clean Weiss Partial Extract Recipe?

    My GF is a BMCish drinker, but mostly I think she hates the taste of hops. I bought some Lion Stout the other day and she liked it. Anyway, I was at the local bar and was in the mood for a weiss so I ordered a Brooklyner weiss and she loved it. I thought it just tasted meh, but it was very...
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    Is this just yeast or what?

    This is my third batch, it's the apple graff recipe on this site. I've never seen this, it appeared after the 2nd week or so. I'm not really sure what this stuff is supposed to smell/taste like but it seemed fine if just a little sour. I'm just wondering, I went ahead and bottled it last night.