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    How much PSI do you have in a full CO2 tank?

    I filled my tank two weeks ago but I didn't read the meter. I've barely used it since and right now at room temperature I have 900 psi. I'm sure that's close, but I'm curious how much you guys get.
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    I have 50ml of yeast cake

    I am still learning about making starters... If I want to make a 1 liter starter and I pitch all 50 ml of cake, have I over pitched? This is Kolsch Wyeast if it matters...
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    When your keg is pouring all foam...

    what are the best steps to bring it back? I forced carbed (first time) now there's just too much foam. How long until it settles?
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    Keggle Mash Tun

    How well do keggles hold temps? Also, will a bazooka screen work just as well as a false bottom?
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    Hop Acidity

    Someone told me that hops with lower acidity make for better aroma hops and dry hopping. Do you guys think thats true?
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    Im still learning about all grain brewing

    I use Brewers Best kits and do full boils (5g). I was thinking the next batch i do, when I steep the specialty grains, I might add a lb of 2-row with it. I guess to kinda get my feet in the water and to make a stronger beer. Now, obviously this is way too much water for one lb of malt; my...
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    What the hell is this??

    So I get home from work and out of curiosity I decide to look at my buckets even though I don't hear them bubbling anymore. I haven't looked at them in a few days, I brewed my wheat beer on Sunday. I open the chest and see this... The airlock has no water in it and I don't know if this...
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    Full boil w/ Brewers Best

    I'm moving to full boils these days for 5 gallon batches. I mostly use Brewers Best kits. My question is, is there anything I should do differently since the instructions and ingredient amounts are for partial boils? The hop bitterness will be stronger, right? Anything else?
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    How much wort to carbonate a 5 gallon keg?

    Does anyone know of an online calculator or maybe just know off hand? Assume that the beer is a pretty standard American or German style lager. Thanks in advance.
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    Using distilled water

    I'm thinking of buying 5 gallons of distilled water to brew my next pilsner. Has anybody done this? Do you think the lack of minerals will make a huge difference?
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    Do I understand this correctly?

    So if I have a standard regulator hooked up to a CO2 tank and I have the hose split to pressurize two kegs, I cannot have only one keg hooked up to carbonate or else the CO2 will just out the other grey connector. Correct?
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    O2 hookup

    How do you hook the stone to those disposable O2 tanks? Do I need a regulator?
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    What size wort chiller?

    If I'm going to full boil 5 gallons, is a 25' coil fine or am I much better off with the 50'? Obviously the 50' is better, but is it too much overkill if I only do 5 gallon batchs?
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    Rye Pilsner

    So far I've only been brewing with Brewers Best kits. I was thinking of using the Pilsners kit and adding some rye. Know is it as easy as steeping some milled rye for about a half hour? Or do you think the brew store might have rye extract?
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    Kegging Questions

    Im a noob at kegging, and I have been doing searches, I promise. I understand that you have to keep the CO2 hooked up to corny kegs to continue to withdrawl beer. One question is, if you disconnect the CO2, how many beers can you withdrawl before you need to re-pressurize? And is 5 psi the...
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    How tall is a 10lb CO2 tank?

    Anyone know off hand? Im sure it won't fit on the shelf of a GE 7 cu. ft. freezer.
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    Getting a sample from the carboy

    When you want to take a sample reading from a carboy, how do you do it? A turkey baster would work, right?
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    Fermenting a lager and ale in the same chamber

    I just put a Vienna lager in the chamber on Saturday. I have the temp set at 55°. I was thinking of doing an America Ale this week. Do you think it would be fine to have the Ale in there for about a week or so at that temperature?
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    Sediment at the bottom of the bottles

    What is that stuff at the bottom of bottles? Is it yeast? or sugar? or both? And more importantly, how can I reduce the amount of sludge in the bottles?
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    Brewing down south

    For all of you peeps who brew down south; Florida, Texas, etc., now that summer is here, what do you do differently as far as fermenting? Do you pull out more/different equipment than in the winter? Im new at this and I just keep my primary in the darkest coolest room in the house, which...