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    Brew Timer for Android

    At the top where is currently says "Boil Timer" change to "Brew Timer - [MODE]" were [MODE] would be "Boil Mode" or "Mash Mode". When on click "New Profile" ask which mode desired, then "Enter Profile Name".... Bottom Menu, move "Preferences" to the "More" menu and replace with "Mode Type" to...
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    Brew Timer for Android

    I have been using this app since Feb 2011 and have recommend it to all my friends. One feature I have always wanted to see was a "Mash Timer Mode" We typically think of the boil as a single long process with events happening at specific time remaining. Where as we think of the mash as a...
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    Beer Bike Build Questions

    It's legal. Here's the one for my hometown. There are several more around the country. The Pedal-Party of Houston, TX The Pedal Tavern of Milwaukee, WI The PubCrawler of Austin, TX The Pedal Tavern of Nashville, TN The Pedal Hopper of Lawrence, KS...
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    So what would you do?

    Ok I ordered everything to carb outside my serving kegarator however I got a CO2 distributor with 1/4' barbs. Everything else is 5/16" barbs/hose. I know the hose will fit fine because I plan to use Plex clamps anyway (I hate typical "worm" gear clamps). I also believe the flow rate of gas won't...
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    Carbing with a fire extinguisher

    Um...Duct Tape ? :D
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    Someone convice me its worth it...

    I was on the fence for a while about the kegging also. My biggest turn off was the footprint a chest freezer would take up in my dinning room. Untill I found this build Here. I'll have two on tap for beers better young (wheats/IPAs) and I'll bottle aging beers. Not to mention this will match...
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    Beersmith: Choosing my Mash

    Beer Smith does tell you how much to sparge with, provided you have set up your equipment profile correctly and you look at the "brew sheet" not the "recipe"
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    beersmith carbonation question

    Your batch size needs to be the amount to be bottled. It calculates the gravity for priming based on your batch size assuming that's the same amount you intend to bottle. If you get less you'll end up over carbed and more it'll under carb
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    Software for using available ingredients

    Thanks for being that rude. As I was to understand the OP's question was to just that; put in a some random ingrediants and get a reciepe out of thin air. WHICH is why I took the time to explain the inventory feature on Beer Smith. Apparently I didn't do it that well. Not to mention I...
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    Software for using available ingredients

    Beer Smith has inventory. You can input your inventory and it will keep track. You can add everything from Malts to Bottle Caps to Water Addatives. As long as it's in the reciepe it will remove the items from your inventory on brew day. Then you can go and creat a new reciepe and there's an...
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    beersmith carbonation question

    I have been told it's the highest temp your beer was during fermentation. As Beer Smith calculates "residual carbination" caused by fermentation. If you maintained a temp of 60f during fermentation it would have more desolved CO2 from the main ferment then a beer fermented at 70f. Due gases...
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    Brew Timer for Android

    @humanjoe No problems mate, you've already done more then most and helped atleast a few people. I pointed out Handcent SMS as by baisis for comparison because its simiple and FREE. I don't know if you can break down an existing APP to figure out some of it's code but figured you could also...
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    Brew Timer for Android

    I haven't gotten to use this during the boil yet however I have got a change to play with it. My first problem was figuring out how to configure it...really it's a shame on me as I hardly ever read instructions. However when I did they were very straight forward and helpful. I do have a...
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    Love Temperature switch efficient wiring

    What I did was use the wires going to/from the stock temperature controller of my fridge. What you search the web for the repair diagram for the unit you have. is a good place to start. In most units the part your looking for is "Cool Control". On my fridge...
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    Bottle carb measurement

    For your flat beers you may have crossed the line of too long of a primary/secondary. The longer you let it settle and yeast fall out of suspension the fewer you get into your bottles. The few starting yeast in the bottle the longer it would take for them to consume all the sugar and carb up...
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    What happens if I mash all at once?

    EDIT: Double POST, server lag. Here's the link. This seems in no way "Brew in a Bag", he is asking about mashing steps not the idea of putting grains in a fine mesh bag to reduce turb in the final product. So my suggestion is read some more about traditional mashing techniques, and look...
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    What happens if I mash all at once?

    You can-ish. First you have understand the process. The way you descibe it the "Second Mash" for the last 15 minutes or so isn't really a mash. It's more of a rinse to get the last bits of fermentables off the grain husks, this is called "Spargeing" or "The Sparge". Now what you are want...
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    Miller Lite Home Draft Force Carb

    OH Never mind. I get what you're looking at. You want the Oppisite of the Red thing. Well it's actually very simple. The link you posted to adapt the pistol to a tank is actually a 3 piece device. 1. The Modified 12gr Cartridge 2. Braided High Pressure hose 3. The ASA (Air Source Adapter...