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    bottling wand mishap

    I have a very cheaply made spring loaded bottling wand (will be upgrading this weekend) that has a tendency to stick in the open position. I was bottling my Hefe yesterday and the wand got stuck, so I am trying to fill the bottle, hand it off to my assistant to cap and move the wand to the next...
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    BMC conspiracy?

    Yesterday the company I work for had one of its after-work outings. Once a quarter the company sponsors a get together somewhere everyone can talk, play games, and drink. This outing was at a bar called GameWorks (arcade games, darts, assorted other fun stuff). The company provided everyone...
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    Possible Idea

    Being very new to this hobby myself I know it is sometimes hard to DWRHHB. What would you guys think of posting a sticky thread that had pictures of "strange" looking fermentation that is actually ok vs actually infected batches. That way when a new brewer (like myself and others) starts to...
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    strange looking secondary

    I have a stout in the secondary that has a thin film on the top of it and bubbles, not quite like a krausen (sp?) more like one large bubble surrounded by several tiny bubbles, space and then repeat. I just sanitized a turkey baster and took a sample. It doesn't taste sour or smell bad so I...
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    Another Temperature Question

    I am storing my beer in one of the back bedrooms, which for the most part works out great. In the winter the bedrooms are between 70-72 F and in the summer I when kick on the AC I plan on getting one of those deflectors to put on the vent so it blows directly on the Fermentor, which(if I have...
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    Snafu Brewing lives up to its name

    Yesterday was my 5th brew, and it always seems that I make at least one bonehead mistake every brew (hence the name Snafu Brewing). They have all turned out very drinkable, maybe not the greatest beer in the world but good and I am happy with my progress. Yesterday's mistake, however, is an...
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    Best thing about this hobby

    Well the best thing about this hobby is the BEER:mug: but the second best thing is it rewards laziness. I have a Brown Ale that is ready for bottling today. I was all set to bottle it, I went out and got the priming sugar, everything was set, but I got distracted (not a difficult thing in...
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    Fruit Beers

    I am relitively new to this hobby. I have brewed three beers so far (see sig). I have always enjoyed "different" or "unusual" beers and have been wanting to brew a fruit beer. I think part of the appeal of this hobby is being able to create something you don't normally readily find. I am...