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    Priming with DME

    I'm following a recipe that calls for 97 grams (.422 cups) of DME for priming sugar. I usually follow the basic 3/4 corn sugar for 5 gallons, and thought this sounded low. It's Orfy's Hobgoblin recipe (97 grams) so I trust the recipe, just wondering if maybe this is a typo in the recipe.
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    Fabricating brew kettle

    I am going to fab a 15-gallon kettle out of SS. Problem is that I only have 16 gauge SS. I feel that will be thick enough for the sides but want to have something thicker for the bottom. I can tig 2 pieces of SS together but I also have access to some 1/2" or 1/4" aluminum. I was thinking...
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    Flaked wheat

    Do you need to use more water to mash flaked wheat than the typical 1 to 1-1/2 quarts per pound?
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    Mash efficiency

    OK, I am thinking about making the jump to AG but have a question. Maybe I'm over thinking this but it seems that taking a gravity reading would not be the only factor in determining your efficiency. Wouldn't starchy water that had not yet converted give you a higher gravity reading then just...
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    A/C out

    I have 5 gallons of wheat beer fermenting in the basement at about 78 degrees, and 2 cases of ESB already bottled. How will the warmer temp effect my beer? When my A/C is working my basement stays a consistent 70.