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  1. CBMbrewer

    Unexpected low hdrometer reading?

    What stage of fermentation is it in? You can always dissolve the rest of the extract in some water, boil for ten minutes then add to the fermenter.
  2. CBMbrewer

    This account has been hacked!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    This is really cute! Homercidal is on the right track.
  3. CBMbrewer

    adding boiled hops to secondary

    All of the aroma and flavor has been lost during the boil. I suppose, theoretically, you may get a bit more perceived bitterness. I don't see this concept improving your beer. Obviously it's not recycling your hops, but I would stick to good old dry hopping for added aroma.
  4. CBMbrewer

    My cascade harvest

    Mmmm. That is a beautiful thing! Love your trellis setup. I have no idea about the last cone but it's certainly unique. Brew something nice and fresh for us!
  5. CBMbrewer

    IBU's from whirlpool/hapstand

    I have found many threads and articles on this topic but they are all pretty old. I just wanted to see if there is any more recent info out there about how to calculate the ibu's from a whirlpool/hopstand. Anybody been keeping up with this topic?
  6. CBMbrewer

    WLP001 for 9.5% DIPA?

    As long as you pitch the proper amount for that gravity, it should do just fine. With that big a beer you attenuation may not be as high as you are used to, so keep that in mind.
  7. CBMbrewer

    No/Slow fermentation

    Fermentation can take up to 72 hours to start. Bucket fermentors have been known to not make great seals. If that is what you are using then it is completely possible that fermentation is well under way.
  8. CBMbrewer

    Johnson Controller probe in SS Chronical Fermenter Temp problems

    The air in the ferm chamber will cool down much quicker then the liquid which will take a fair amount of time. I have had the same thing happen with my conical and ferm chamber. When doing 10+ gallon batches I have seen the star san in the airlock freeze! The beer has always turned out great...
  9. CBMbrewer

    Just a little Foam !

    I would look at the ingredients listed on the "instant oats", it may not be just oats. A small amount of lipids can certainly cause these problems.
  10. CBMbrewer

    Continuing off flavors!

    How long do you let the bottle condition before putting them in the fridge? How long do you let them sit in the fridge before opening? Have you tried sourcing you ingredients from somewhere else?
  11. CBMbrewer

    First Cold Crash

    Sure, you can do that. The only reason I cold crash in the fermenter before transferring into the keg is that if you get too much trub in the keg it can clog the out-post and make for a real pita. If you are pretty good about not disturbing anything while transferring and, better yet, tie a...
  12. CBMbrewer

    Venture Bros themed kegerator build (90% complete)

    Hahahah! That is fan-freaking-tastic! Looove The Venture Brothers! You should get a tap handle shaped like helper and have an audio clip of Dr. Orpheus play ever time a keg kicks or you are out of co2. Ahhh, the ideas are flooding at me. You at least have to incorporate an image of Brock F*cking...
  13. CBMbrewer

    IPA Recipe Critique/Help

    I would move the cascade to 10 or 15. The Centennial to 5 and the Amarillo the flameout. Dryhop with the Simcoe. I would go with either the vienna or the munich, not both. Maybe bump up the 2 row to get you to 1.06
  14. CBMbrewer


    That's the only thing that is odd about it. I would bet the yeast began to floculate a little prematurely in this case probably due to temp since it seems they have started back up again when the temp jumped up while you were gone.
  15. CBMbrewer

    First Cold Crash

    As long as your are careful and move it slowly the yeast will be dormant after the cold crash so what little is kicked back up into suspension will settle back down again. Just try not to agitate it too much.
  16. CBMbrewer


    Likes like krausen to me. Any idea if there was temperature fluctuation while you were gone? Take a gravity reading and smell/taste.
  17. CBMbrewer

    First Cold Crash

    Close to freezing is preferable for cold crashing but 40 will work just fine. I usually do 36 to 48 hours. Dryhopping is more effective at fermentation temps but the yeast in suspension will take some of the hop oils with it when it floculates. Once you have cold crashed they will stay settled...
  18. CBMbrewer

    Galaxy IIPA

    Looks great! Can't wait to hear how it is.
  19. CBMbrewer

    Dummy Mistake

    When exactly did you add the sugar?
  20. CBMbrewer

    I felt so stupid!!

    I am pretty sure I have seen this exact same post before. Worded differently of course. So don't feel too stupid. Happens to the best of us.