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    Is Extract octoberfest really possible?

    Is it possible to make a fairly decent extract octoberfest with an extract kit ? Will I have to lager it? If not I believe that I did read somewhere that there was a kit that used some type of ale yeast, how do these turn out? I know that I will not be able to make a true Paulner type...
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    Hurricane IKE and my cider!!!

    We have no power and will not anytime soon, as a large section of my house was destroyed . Due to the problems with the electrical system, we will not be able to turn on the ac anytime soon. The temps range from high fifties at night to mid 80s during the day , the cider is pretty much done...
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    Hoegarrden , I am in love

    I picked some of this stuff up the other day and I love it, even more than Paulaner hefe!! Has anyone had problems with imported Hefe being skunked, the last few 12 packs I got, it has tasted like banana bread/mushroom fungal. I am a seasoned hefe lover, so I appricate the...
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    Cider using nottingham yeast? What are your results?

    I am brewing some right now,what is the flavor profile with the nottingham yeast?
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    LME wheat kit with Nottingham yeast?

    I know to some of you hefe lovers, that this is a bad idea, but I wanted some thoughts about it. The last couple of Hefes I have done were huge problems with banana taste that has left me losing my taste for even commerical hefes because of it as strange as it is. What type of flavor...
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    The Common Beer Drinker...Does this happen to you?

    I cant drink Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors light and most non micro brews, except Sam Adams , that is pretty good stuff. The Change was made when I drank my first Paulaner after a friend kept raving about this wheat beer from Germany after a trip. Now I hate regular beers, but I find...
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    Commerical Hefes.........

    I was wondering if people have had the same problem. I love GERMAN Hefes, not American wheats or whatever you want to call them, they are not the same animal so for this discusion, I am only talking about German Hefes. Lately, I have found that there is a lot of banana taste to my hefes...
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    nottingham yeast used for cider?

    What is the flavor profile when nottingham is used with cider, I have a bunch of it and it needs to be used. thanks
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    Cider and Fruit juice combos?

    What are some good juices to mix with before putting it in the primary? I have read in one book that pear juice reduces tart and sour flavors in cider when mixed. Recomendations?
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    Aged Apfelwein

    I really got into home brewing back around last winter and brewed a bunch of different things. My third or fourth brew was Eds Apfelwein and I must admit that I didnt really like it a lot, yes it was very dry, but it had a sour/bitter taste that I didnt care for (it was really strong). It was...
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    Belgian Wit questions

    Belgian wit is up next, some questions. 1. Honey or Belgian candy sugar? 2. Fresh orange zest or dried from the home brew shop? What is the flavor profile from white labs wit yeast?
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    Temp. for Beer fridge?

    I recently got a beer fridge and now I can keep all of my home brew there, what temp should I keep it at? Mostly hefes and wheat type beers along with commerical hefes and wits. thanks BD I did notice that with colder temps, the orange flavor in blue moon somewhat disappeared. Any comments...
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    Hefe questions

    Made a batch of Hefe (with the help of homebrewer 99) and I bottled it the other day. There was tons of banana flavor and it smelt exactly like Paulaner or Franskaner, but it taste was a little off, although I would assume that it needs some time to mellow out and it was a bit warm...
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    which book next?

    I already have homebrewing for dummies, I was wondering if The Complete joy of Home Brewing would be a good next choice? Or should I get another book? thanks
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    questions about my hefeweizen brew

    Heres what I brewed today using the late boil method. 6lbs of wheat DME 2lbs of light DME 1 oz of hallertau pellets white labs hefe 300 yeast I didnt make a starter for my yeast, in other posts I read that its about a 36 hr. time till it starts fermentation, is that...
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    Mr. Beer as a secondary?

    I have a 6.5 carboy that I plan on doing a 4 gallon batch in this weekend. I have an empty Mr.Beer keg sitting around and I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to put some of the 4 gallons(2.3 gallons) in my to condition?
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    Hop Help

    Can somone explain to me which Hop I should use in Hefe? I assume that I just strain out the whole hops and whatever is remaining from the Plugs and pellets or do they dissolve completely? I obviously never used hops and would like some help. thanks..... Whole, Plug or pellets?
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    Can I make a smaller batch in a 6.5 gallon carboy?

    Many of you are wondering why I want to make a smaller batch in my carboy, but I do not have enough bottles and I would prefer to do a smaller batch. Will there be problems with doing a 3.5 batch in a 6.5 gallon carboy?
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    headspace on 1 liter grolsch bottles?

    I brewed a porter which is pretty good, the only thing is I am getting inconsistant carbonation in my 1 liter bottles. Some of them are normal, others are carbed , just not enough as they should be. I did notice that the headspace varies greatly from almost 3 inches to about 1 inch. What...
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    LME alcohol percentage?

    I made a John Bull masterclass porter which is around 6 lbs of LME, I followed the directions which included not adding any sugar. The brew came out pretty decent, as I do not have a hydrometer (next on the list) I was wondering what the alcohol percentage should be on a brew like this. thanks