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  1. J

    sabco brew magic

    i posted this on reddit, was hoping to get some opinions here. for those who have used the brew magic, i would like to know about your experience. specifically: -how easy is it to use? -how were the results? -is its complexity adaptable to user skill? i.e. can it do both ag and extract...
  2. J

    issues with washed yeast

    for fathers day my father and i went to a family friends house to brew (i need to set this up as i have not been able to check on the beer, so dont tell me "use your hydrometer, duh!"). from what our friend has been telling us, there is no krausen, no airlock activity, no nothin. now, its hard...
  3. J


    my father and i brew together and we have a back and forth argument over how much beer we are supposed to end up with per batch. all recipes we come across are for 5 gallons, but invariably we end up with a little less (~4.5 gal) every time due to boil off and such. so the question is, do we...
  4. J

    super crazy recipe feedback...ok its another ipa, but help

    my first stab at a recipe 10 lbs 2 row 1.5 lbs crystal 60 3 oz magnum (60 min) 1 oz cascade (15 min) 1 oz cascade (dryhop) wlp001 gon' see how it goes, anyone able to give me an idea what the end product will be like?
  5. J

    probably not infected, but wanna know whats up anyway

    hey all. so about a month ago i brewed a fat tire clone, one of my more ambitious brews to date. after two weeks, i racked to secondary, and its been there since. a little over a week ago, there was what looked like a second round of fermentation going on with a small layer of krausen bubbling...
  6. J

    steam beer

    so im making an anchor steam clone. i used some saflager s-23 and noticed something interesting (or maybe not interesting if you know whats going on). i thought that ale yeasts were called top fermenting because they formed a layer of krausen while fermenting. while ive never used lager yeast...
  7. J

    brewing with tea

    so i walked by teavana in the mall and had a bright idea to throw some exotic teas into my brewpot and see what comes out. after i bought it i realized i didnt really think of a beer recipe in which to throw the tea. so anyone with any experience in this field wanna give me some advice? i bought...
  8. J

    mead in the secondary

    hey everyone, so i got 3 quick ones about mead and secondary fermentation 1) when racking mead to a secondary, is it necessary to "fill from the bottom" so as not to aerate it? 2) should i take the fruits from the primary and move them to the secondary as well? 3) last but not least...
  9. J

    horchata pale ale

    this question is a two-parter, so here we go. Last week I brewed an APA to which I added a 12oz bag of Goya horchata mix along with my malt extract (for those who don't know, horchata is a milk and cinnamon tasting drink made from rice). While it smelled fantastic, it has left a gigantic amount...
  10. J

    another missed og question

    so i am making a recipe (american pale ale) for the second time because the first was a hit. i tweaked it a bit, i let my boiling hops go for 50 instead of 45 min this time (which to my knowledge wouldnt make a difference in gravity), and for my wort, and this is why they say good bookkeeping is...
  11. J

    angry apfelwein

    so i am trying my hand at edwort's apfelwein recipe, and it seemed easy enough. thing is, its been in the bucket for like 3 or 4 days and the airlock wasnt bubbling at all, so i gave it a little shake to try and maybe aerate it a bit and see if that would help the problem. when i did, it was...
  12. J

    angry apfelwein

  13. J

    nutrient additions

    can someone give me the skinny on this? what to use, when to use it, and where i can most likely find it?
  14. J


    im krausening my beer and am wondering, is it possible to overcarbonate my beer if i use too much gyle?
  15. J

    dry hopping

    what would happen if i were to dry hop in my primary as opposed to secondary? has anyone ever tried this or do ye of experience have some reason why this would be a shytty idea?
  16. J

    secondary vs. long primary

    is there a difference and if so what is it?
  17. J

    stout vs porter

    can someone tell me exactly what the difference is between these two styles?
  18. J


    i am reading the complete joy of homebrewing and papazian keeps on mentioning "beer stability, as in "x will cause poor beer stability." what exactly does stability mean in this context?
  19. J

    beer laws

    could anyone direct me to a good resource about the laws surrounding the production and sale of beer, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance gentlemen
  20. J

    not enough body

    i brewed a smoked porter recently, i bottled it a little over a week ago and cracked one open last night to see how it is coming along. now, i know the beer is still young, but it felt watery on my palate and that stopped a lot of the smokiness from coming through. is this something that will...