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  1. acott

    Taplist App - WIP

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a tap list app for tablets. I'm a graphic designer and not a developer, was wondering if anyone was interested in collaborating. Here's a screenshot of the work in progress If there's more than 4 taps you can swipe left to display the next set...
  2. acott

    Balancing keg - flat beer

    I've had a kegerator for about 6 months and absolutely love it. I threw it together because I wanted beer on draft asap. But looking back, I should of put more thought in to it. The major problem I've had, is that the beer in the line would go flat, making the first pour from the keg useless...
  3. acott

    Up **** creek without a regulator?

    I just kegged my first brew on Sunday but I'm having some trouble. The regulator is the problem as it wont hold a consistent PSI. On Sunday I set it to 30PSI with the intent on leaving it at that for 24 hours, I couldn't resist and went to have a look a couple of hours was down to...
  4. acott

    The right Beer / Gas line

    Hey all, I hope to start kegging soon and have been busy buying bits and pieces over the last few months. All I've left to get is the Gas / Beer line and I want to make sure I get the right stuff! On my JG fittings it says 3/8", I take it this is the outer diameter? Will this be ok for...
  5. acott

    Brown Box Brew - The All Grain Homebrew Blog

    Hey Everyone, This is a shameless plug for my indiegogo campaign. I've been brewing for 3 years now and want to make the final leap in to All Grain brewing. My campaign is to help raise funds to start a blog focused solely on all grain brewing using an all in one brewery system (the...
  6. acott

    Funky smell - Day 3

    I was worried when I didn't have much airlock activity (like most beginners) but yesterday when I got home from work the airlock was hopping like it was at a rave, the temperature was fine so I wasn't too bothered, I was mesmerised and spent 10 minutes just watching it. This morning when I woke...
  7. acott

    Wine Brewing temp

    Hey all, so my kit finally arrived and I have everything in the bucket sealed up and ready to go...but on reading the instructions it says the wine needs to be at or above 20 degrees for the best possible brew. The only problem is our house is 140 years old and with the current weather it tends...
  8. acott

    Adequate Kit

    Hello everyone, So I purchased a kit for making wine, it can be found here I just wanted to know would it be possible to use some of this equipment in the brewing of beer? as I was hoping to go down that road in the future. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!