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  1. Kephren


    It's just done. 1.020 isn't that far out of range. However.... you should *never* aerate the beer once it has started fermenting. It will probably taste alright for the first couple of weeks, but after a couple of weeks, you are going to start tasting the oxygenation, which has been described...
  2. Kephren

    Sam75: Brewer, Fat Man, Martial Artist

    I teach a self-defense/control class that borrows a lot of moves from hapkido. It's good stuff.
  3. Kephren

    Using an Urn as a boiler

    Want to try my amber ale? I call it "grandma."
  4. Kephren

    RSS Feed?

    You get a notice every time there is a new post. You can have a link on your homepage that lists new posts or you can even have your cell phone or PDA check for new posts every 15 minutes or so. Or there is software that would make your computer beep, etc. when there is a new post.
  5. Kephren

    More smilies!!!!!!!!

    Check out They have a nice selection that we could steal.
  6. Kephren

    moldy brew?

    Even if it is mold (which it probably isn't) you can just skim it off the top. The wort is too thick for it to get past the surface. It's just yeast and/or bubbles, though.
  7. Kephren

    Which style haunts you the most?

    I was shooting for an ESB twice and a regular bitter once. All grain.
  8. Kephren

    Which style haunts you the most?

    I'm not sure what goes wrong. I had one that was extremely bland... lacked any body or bitterness. Might as well had been drinking iced tea. I had one that was waaaay too malty. I'm guessing I used the wrong mash temp, although I kept it between 149-153. And the one I have in bottles now...
  9. Kephren

    Which style haunts you the most?

    I love bitters. There is something so right about this simple style of beer. So why can't I manage to make one. I have tried three batches of bitter this year. All of them are simple recipes. All of the came out horrid. Everything I made this year other than bitters came out great...
  10. Kephren

    Just Starting, Please Help?

    Here's what concerns me... and correct me if I'm wrong. You said you got your kit "the other day" and it's already bottled? Did you skip the fermentation stage?
  11. Kephren

    Brewing with Wormwood

    I've got a bottle of Sebor Absinthe in my liquor cabinet. A friend and I wanted to try it because of the Thujone. Didn't do anything but get us drunk. It wansn't bad, but at nearly $100/bottle shipped from the U.K., I expected more... or at least *something*... Mitch Hedburg did a bit once...
  12. Kephren

    Carboy cleaning - oxyclean?

    I use oxyclean to clean my carboys every time. Just soak overnight and rinse well. Never needed to scrub. Make sure it's in a sink or bathtub, though. The bubbles will overflow overnight.
  13. Kephren

    Not so happy days.

    I had a similar problem. Ruined 3 or 4 batches before I figured out it was from the rubber in the keg and not an infection. Replaced all the gaskets and never had a problem since.
  14. Kephren

    Moving my keg

    If you just need a couple of gallons, you can put it in some jugs and it will be okay for a few hours as long as it's chilled. Otherwise, you can bottle some using a counter pressure bottle filler and it will stay carbonated.
  15. Kephren

    Any idea why new posts is broken so often?

    The problem is, you have to read all new posts at once. Once you visit the site, it assumes you are all caught up. So.. for example.. if there are 100 new posts and you read two, then come back later expecting to read the next 98, it's too late. The new posts button will give you everything...
  16. Kephren

    anyone here play poker?

    That's one nice thing about Nevada... always a poker game going on :)
  17. Kephren

    anyone here play poker?

    Sounds like fun!
  18. Kephren

    Brewing with Wormwood

    Wormwood is a common ingredient in fortified wines. Vermouth has as much wormwood as absinthe. Of course, I didn't find this out until real absinthe did nothing for me and I did a little research.
  19. Kephren

    Was this obvious to everyone but me???

    My web search reveals that "malt" is indeed malted barley. Carnation Malted Milk powder is just malt plus powdered milk. And the malt I made tonight was excellent and tasted even better than the restaurant malt I had yesterday - my guess is they use the powdered stuff and quality ingredients...