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  1. DilvishTheDamned

    All Grain Pilot Home Brewing

    Does anybody do small, all grain batches, in the 1 gallon range, to try out various recipes? I'm wondering if there's anything special about doing this sort of thing, or any equipment requirements, beyond a ton of small glass jugs. I hate to brew a big 5 gallon batch, along with all the other...
  2. DilvishTheDamned

    Rust on Burner

    I've got a relatively new Bayou Classic banjo burner which I've used for 3-4 brews so far, and already it's starting to rust. Right now I'm seeing the spots of rust on the inside of the burner spigots, and not the outside of the burner. I'm very careful not to spill stuff onto the burner, and...
  3. DilvishTheDamned

    New Castle Clone

    I've been reading through Beer Captured, and it has a New Castle clone. I LOVE newky so the idea of cloning it is great. The only problem I have is the description given by the authors. They claim that NC is a blended beer, being the product of a heavy beer, which is not available, and a...
  4. DilvishTheDamned

    Proposed Hybrid Chiller Design

    Got an idea for a hybrid chiller, and I'm wondering if anybody can spot the flaws. Basically my idea is to put the copper coils in a 4-5 gallon bucket. The bucket is then filled with ice and water, and the hot wort run through the inside of the copper coils like a counter flow wort chiller...
  5. DilvishTheDamned

    Boiling Bottling Sugar

    I've never heard anybody talk about this, but it's something I've been doing lately. Essentially all the directions I have indicate that I should boil the bottling sugar first, and then rack the beer from the fermenter into the bottling bucket on top of the sugar/water solution. My question...
  6. DilvishTheDamned

    Most Difficult Beer?

    Which beer style do you seem to struggle with the most? I've had really good luck with IPAs, but I really seem to struggle with getting a good stout to work out, anybody else with similar issues?
  7. DilvishTheDamned

    Radical New Sterilization Technique

    Liquid Glass, just wipe down with hot water. Remember you heard it here first....