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  1. chainsawbrewing

    Indiana all grain brewing kit for sale

    south side of indianapolis, i have two 15.5 sanke kegs converted, one with a ball valve and thermometer, one with a ball valve and a sight glass, a big braided hose cooler mash tun, glass carboys, plastic carboys, lot's of extra stuff, all you need really to brew 10 gallon batches, i'm moving...
  2. chainsawbrewing

    i think i'm finally getting some cones!

    planted some centennial hops, first year nothing happened, the rhizome hardly even came up out of the ground, second year i got some decent vine growth, but still not a lot, maybe 5-10 feet, no cones at all, this is the third year, and they are much longer, maybe around 20 feet, a lot heartier...
  3. chainsawbrewing

    grain sell. what should i get?

    my lhbs is having a grain sale. by 55# bags, and get it half price. i'm super low on funds right now, and want to take advantage of this, and brew some beer! i'm thinking to go the cheapest route, i should do several SmAsH brews, but i'm curious on some opinions/suggestions on what you all...
  4. chainsawbrewing

    zombie pin up calendar!

    hello, i know from the few years i've been on this site that there are lot's of fellow photographers on here, so i decided to share my latest project with you. those of you who don't know me, i'm a photographer, and my wife and i have been working on a zombie pin up calendar for several...
  5. chainsawbrewing

    WTB- one ball lock corny keg. Indiana

    i'm in indianapolis, looking for one last ball lock keg. i haven't had to buy kegs in quite a long time, not sure who's got the best deals these days. thanks brian
  6. chainsawbrewing

    edworts apfelwein quick fermentation question.

    so i made my first batch of apfelwein. this was my first time brewing anything other than beer. i used the recipe 100% to a T what edwort originally described. 100% apple juice (i used walmart brand), 2 lbs of dextrose, and the right yeast. it's only been 10 days, and i just checked the...
  7. chainsawbrewing

    electric brewing question

    i've been reading a crap ton on electric brewing over the last week. lot's of information! i've seen people build a box, control center if you will, that holds the pid, and the ssr, usually a couple switches to be able to completely cut the power to the elements if needed. also looks like a...
  8. chainsawbrewing

    insulation for thermometer in brew kettle? thermometer face fogging/gets too hot!

    sorry for starting a new thread, but this came up in another thread i had, and after searching all over here, and google, for several hours, i didn't find anyone else with this specific issue, so i decided to start a new thread to hopefully help me, and future problems for others. i am...
  9. chainsawbrewing

    broke the rubber o-ring to my blichmann thermometer

    i was making my keggle today, and tightened my weldless blichmann thermometer too tight, and the orange rubber o-ring got smashed, and broke, so of course it leaked. i went to menards, and they didn't have any temperature ratings on their o-rings. i just got a black #10 o ring, which fit...
  10. chainsawbrewing

    lots of ice and frost inside keezer

    cant believe a search didnt pull anything up. major ice frost building up on the corner upper wall of my keezer . live with it or is there a secret fix i dont know about? it can get in the way and gets annoying.
  11. chainsawbrewing

    single tier brew sculpture questions

    i'm really tired of lugging around, lifting hot water, heavy mash tuns full of grain up in the air, etc. and want to build myself some sort of brew sculpture. at first i was thinking a three tier gravity fed system, but i don't like the idea of an HLT way up in the air, for safety reasons...
  12. chainsawbrewing

    anybody ever make a dark/black ipa?

    i know that the word "dark" and "pale" don't really go together, so maybe this is a style that already exists under another name, and i'm just not familiar with it. what i'm curious about, as dumb as it may seem, is making a beer that looks like a java stout, as far as the color, like really...
  13. chainsawbrewing

    computer whizzes? come hear my problem! pc shutting itself off in safe mode.

    i did a reformat on my laptop like about 6 months ago, haven't really used it much, got it out today, it's working just fine, no issues at all. then i remembered, hey, i used to have a bunch of stuff on here before i formatted, so i went to my computer/c/documents and settings/ and found my old...
  14. chainsawbrewing

    bunch of bottles Greenwood,IN

    not really sure of the amount, but probably around 150 or so 12 oz bottles, and also around a case or so of bombers. i don't need them anymore, they're taking up some room. i'd do someone local a trade for a few bottles of their homebrew or something like that. i'm in greenwood indiana.
  15. chainsawbrewing

    boiling pork shoulder before smoking it?

    I'm having abig party tomorrow, and have about 25 lbs of pork shoulder to cook. I've never cooked that much at once before, would it be ok if I just boiled the shoulders for awhile first, and only smoke them afterwards for a couple hours for flavor? I don't want them to be tough, I plan on...
  16. chainsawbrewing

    why do i need a co2 manifold?

    just curious. my old kegerator i had three kegs in it, and all i did was use stainless steel "T" fittings, to split the one co2 line from the tank to the three kegs. i used that for quite awhile, and never had any issues. now my new set up will have five kegs, and i'm thinking of doing the same...
  17. chainsawbrewing

    new water hose woes. (heh that rhymes)

    i've been brewing for a few years, i've done some dumb stuff, but not really for the last year or so, untill recently. i brewed a ten gallon all grain batch of my "death by dunkel" beer, let it sit in the primary for about 2 and a half weeks, and then kegged it, and let it sit on 12psi for...
  18. chainsawbrewing

    glycol runs-flexible copper lines, or vinyl lines?

    in my bar set up, i'll have about 5ft or so between the kegs and the faucets. i don't want to have to tear apart my whole rig because the beer lines are getting warm, so i want to do it right the first time. i'm thinking i'll do the whole d.i.y. pond pump in a corny keg or bucket inside the...
  19. chainsawbrewing

    W.T.B.- neato used bottle caps

    i'm finishing my bartop in bottle caps, and i'm short by a lot of caps. no BMC please, looking for anything else though, i.e. rogue, stone, whatever. i probably need around 300 more crown caps. thanks. brian