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    Water book by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski It look like release date of Nov 7th. :ban:
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    bottle cap with no liner

    Has anyone ever seen this? My swmbo, bless her hear, got me bottle caps from amazon in her last order. However they don't have a liner in them like the one on the right. They are just plain metal. I would assume that they wouldn't be able to hold pressure, but I don't know. I haven't used them...
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    Gabf 2012

    This is the first year I'm planning on going to the GABF:rockin:! Seeing as how I don't know what goes on at the GABF I'm looking for suggestions of what sessions to go to. I've heard that the members only session Saturday morning is the best to go to, but what else is there that goes on? Any...
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    Pump Question

    Anybody ever use one of these? I just can't believe that the quality would be that great.
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    Hop Ripeness Information

    So I'm not saying this is the total solution to knowing when your hops are ready, but I thought it goes a bit more indepth than light paper feeling. Below is an article from Gorst Valley Hops newletter for September 2011. You can see the full newsletter at their website. Hope this helps...
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    Duluth Homebrew Club

    So I searched the groups on here, but didn't find anything for a Duluth, MN homebrew club. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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    Northern Brewer in store discount

    So I just found out that members of Minnesota Public Radio get a 10% discount for in store purchases only when you show your member connect card. For those of you living in the Twin Cities area, that could add up over time (depending on how much you donate to MPR). I listen to the current and...
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    10 gallon coolers

    So I've been crusing looking into AG setups and am trying to ease into it financially. I found some 10 gallon rubber maid coolers online here. I ordered two last night with shipping came to just under $20.00. We'll see if it's the real deal. I just thought others might be interested seeing as...
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    Homebrew Store in Duluth, MN

    I have a job interview in Duluth on Monday and was wondering if anybody knows of a place in Duluth for homebrewing ingredients?
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    Passive Solar Water Heater Oast

    I'm looking into building a passive solar water heater to help keep the shop mildly warmer in the winter so I only have to wear one layer and not two when I'm out brewing or working on random projects. I had the thought the other day "How difficult would it be to build a passive solar water...
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    First year rhizomes and snow

    So I'm a little excited. This is my first year growing hops so I got 2 Cascade and 2 Fuggle rhizomes online. When they came in the mail three of the 4 rhizomes had white shoots coming out from the eyes (kind of like a potato that's been sitting in the pantry for a while). So I put up my trellis...