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  1. BarbinDallas

    Can I Buy a Scoby from Someone?

    Well, I'm back and ready for my beloved Kombucha. I haven't brewed in a few years. Instead of going for a commercial Scoby, I was wondering if anyone had one they'd sell me? Would $25 cover the Scoby in 1-2 cups of Kombucha, and postage to Texas? Thanks! Barb :mug:
  2. BarbinDallas

    White specks on my Scoby, contamination?

    You should know in the next week. Mold grows pretty fast. Only had it once, but ugh! KombuchaJim is right :onestar: :)
  3. BarbinDallas

    Spike Brewing Giveaway - New CF10 Conical Fermenter!!

    I'm in, and I will make room on the counter for this right now. This baby is coming home to ME :D
  4. BarbinDallas

    Had an Interesting Explosion the Other Day

    I will definitely give them a try -- I do not like glass shards :)
  5. BarbinDallas

    Had an Interesting Explosion the Other Day

    So....there was this huge **BANG** at our place about 1:00AM the other night. It reverberated through the house and made me sit straight up in bed, and I promptly poked my husband and asked, "what was that?" (yeah, like he knew anything at the moment). :rolleyes: I thought it sounded like a...
  6. BarbinDallas

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Wow, how did you assemble such amazing prizes! I'm in!
  7. BarbinDallas

    Using Ginger

    FWIW, I use dried ginger that is sugar coated (lightly, sort of like a spice drop coating). I slice the cubes into thin pieces and put a total of 3-4 cut up cubes in my 2nd ferment. Tastes great and still get some fizz in the bottle after about 4-6 days.
  8. BarbinDallas

    Newbie Here - Tasting 1st Batch?

    Hi kyt, Just wanted you to know that your advice really got my batch going again -- even though I jumped the gun a little. It has formed a nice new scoby over the area where I bent the original baby, and the yeast strings are growing off that, too. I think I may use the CB as my daily...
  9. BarbinDallas

    Newbie Here - Tasting 1st Batch?

    Ooops -- too late! Oh well, we shall see what happens. I can just let it sit and stew -- er, brew :)
  10. BarbinDallas

    Newbie Here - Tasting 1st Batch?

    kyt, you are a treasure! I just drew off seven 16 oz. bottles from the continuous brew, so tomorrow I will probably have enough fermented to donate some to the batch on the counter. The batch is still pretty sweet, and I hope this will give it a kick in its what-sis. :) The CB has been...
  11. BarbinDallas

    Newbie Here - Tasting 1st Batch?

    Hi, thanks for writing! Ambient temp is 77°F and it is on kitchen counter. Completely undisturbed until the 1st taste test. It is a total of 1 gallon in a 1.5 gallon wide glass jar (jar is wider than it is tall). It is covered with cloth provided from the kit I bought. It grew the baby...
  12. BarbinDallas

    Newbie Here - Tasting 1st Batch?

    Hi everyone, I have been reading all of your posts these last three days, and I am learning a lot. So glad to have found y'all! Quick question: I am on the 6th day of my very first batch. The various sources I have read said that you can slip a straw under the edge of the SCOBY baby and...