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  1. Carolina_Matt

    10% off at Hops Direct Hops Direct has 10% off all orders plus free hops with each order. Code is 'hopsforpops'. I noticed they also had a few 2017 hops for free (although you have to pay for shipping). If you sort by lowest price, you'll see several varieties for free.
  2. Carolina_Matt

    Intertap Duotight Triple Tower

    I bought a used two-tap kegerator and immediately upgraded to the Intertap Triple Tower with Duotight fittings: It's the first time I've used a tower, and...
  3. Carolina_Matt

    Finally a craigslist score!

    I've been hoping to find an inexpensive small keg (2.5-3 gallons) for seltzer. When my main keg runs out, I want a smaller back-up that fits on the keezer hump instead of a) waiting a couple days for the next batch to carbonate, or b) dedicating two kegs to seltzer. So I opened up craigslist...
  4. Carolina_Matt

    Torpedo Keg Buoy - Floating Dip Tube

    FYI, I saw this at Morebeer today and ordered 3 to ferment and serve in the same keg. Not sure if this should be in the Equipment, Kegging or Fermentation forum. This looks like the Fermentasaurus version, but it comes with a metal dip tube and they say it has a better silicone tubing. It...
  5. Carolina_Matt

    A few basic electric questions

    I currently BIAB in my garage with propane, and I'm looking into all-in-one electric systems. From the quotes I've seen, it would be about $250 to put a GFCI 240V outlet under my circuit breaker in the garage, which is a little more than I'd like to spend right now. (It would be $150 without...
  6. Carolina_Matt

    Raw White Wheat instead of White Wheat Malt?

    My first BIAB was a Blue Moon clone kit (Lunar Shock from Morebeer). They use 5 lbs of White Wheat, and it came out great. The instructions don't say which White Wheat they use, and I didn't think to write it down. I bought some bulk grain and hops so that I can re-create some kits for less...
  7. Carolina_Matt

    Single Hop Experiment kits - $14-18 at Amazon

    There are a bunch of different Single Hop Experiment kits for cheap on Amazon...
  8. Carolina_Matt

    Cut Imperial Stout ingredients in half for regular stout?

    I saw an interesting Imperial Oatmeal Stout kit, but I don't see myself drinking 5 gallons of 10+% beer. There are 18 pounds of grain, 1 lb of sugar and 5 oz of hops in the recipe. Can I just split all of the ingredients in half to get a ~5% Oatmeal Stout, so everything is still in the same...
  9. Carolina_Matt

    First BIAB - Lunar Shock (Blue Moon clone)

    I started brewing last January and I have 20 extract batches under my belt. My wife bought me 3 all-grain kits from for Christmas, so I decided to give BIAB a shot. The Wilser bag arrived this weekend and I brewed today. It was a pretty smooth process, although my efficiency sucked...
  10. Carolina_Matt

    Need help replacing beer lines

    I bought a keezer, and I'm getting a lot of foam. Some of the lines are 5 feet, some are shorter, so I bought 50 feet of new lines with the intention of putting 10 foot lines on each tap. Here's what the existing line looks like. What is the piece that the line is connecting to? It's a thin...
  11. Carolina_Matt

    Help with baseball tap handle

    I have an 8-tap keezer, and I need tap handles. I'm looking for a DIY option so that I don't spend $200+, and I'd like to use a baseball like the attached picture. I've also included a picture of my current tap, which is one of the basic ones off of amazon. What's the best way to go about...
  12. Carolina_Matt

    Keezer Paint Recommendation

    I bought an 8-tap Keezer on craigslist, and wanted to paint it Orange and Blue in a NY Mets-inspired theme. I did a lot of googling to see what type of paint to use, because appliance paint only comes in standard appliance colors (black/white/stainless). I wasn't really able to find good...
  13. Carolina_Matt

    Question about my first batch - bad instructions?

    I plan on brewing my first batch over the next few weeks, and it's a Brewmaster's Select Boston Lager. I've attached a picture of the instructions, and some of it doesn't align with what I've seen in various videos and other instructions, including the first step to start off with only 1-2...