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    10bbl systems...Pro input??

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    My labels

    Sorry for the small pics; couldnt figure out how to save an inkscape file as a jpeg. Made them both in about 5 minutes as Im waiting for my wort to come to a boil, so these are just my rough drafts and Im still exploring what the program can do. Pretty cool tool considering the price (free)...
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    Easy/Cheap/Effective glass carboy cleaning method

    I wanted to share a method I use to clean my carboys. I generally only soak (dilute bleach vinegar water solution) then give a quick pass with my carboy brush. Very effective in my experience. But if you have some stubborn stains, try mixing a few ozs (depends on carboy size 5 ozs for a 6.5...
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    Where does hop flavor/aroma go?

    Talking about botttles here. Its common knowledge that the hop profile fades when comparing a freshly bottled beer to one that has undergone extended aging. Assuming a tight seal between cap and bottle, proper storage temp and away from light sources, where does it go? Seems like after...