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    Cleaning Chugger pump?

    Just bought a SS head Chugger pump to recirculate my BIAB. What's the best way to clean/sanitize it? Should I just recirculate some PBW solution, or do I need to tear down the pump head every time to clean it? Or something in between?
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    Stuck fermentation?

    Short version: I brewed a batch of BierMuncher's Blue Moon clone ( three weeks ago, using US-05 yeast as recommended elsewhere in the thread. Starting gravity was 1.038. The gravity has been stable at 1.020 for at...
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    My eBIAB build

    Finished up with an eKeggle build this past weekend. Loosely based on an Instructable (, but modified in a number of ways. Additional pictures are at The keg isn't as shiny as...
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    Sanyo 4912 - CO2 through the side?

    I have a Sanyo 4912 fridge that I've converted to a kegerator, and for the sake of flexibility with the gas tanks I'd like to be able to have them outside the fridge. With where it's placed right now, it'd be best if I could have the line come through the left side wall (left side as I'm facing...
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    De-gassing wort samples

    Monday night, I brewed my first batch of beer,'s Dunkelweizen extract kit with Wyeast 3068 (Weihenstephan Weizen). Tuesday, there was a 1-2" layer of krausen in the carboy and no bubbles in the airlock. Same thing Wednesday and Thursday. What I've read about that yeast indicates...
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    Kegging a Hefeweizen/Dunkelweizen?

    My first batch of homebrew ( Dunkelweizen extract kit/Wyeast 3068) is fermenting merrily away in its carboy, and I'm planning on kegging it. I'm wondering, though, about some of the specifics: 1. I've heard suggestions of cutting the dip tube a little shorter to avoid picking up...
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    Didn't get a full, rolling boil - problem?

    I've made some other fermented drinks in the past (mead, wine, cider), but just brewed my first batch of beer last night, using's Dunkelweizen kit and Wyeast 3068. Things seemed to go pretty smoothly, with one exception: I never obtained a full, rolling boil of the wort. I had 3...