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  1. K

    Pale Chocolate Malt

    I have a pound of pale chocolate malt. Any recipe ideas?
  2. K

    Has anybody brewed a Bell's Jupiter clone?

    Wondering if anyone has a recipe for Bell's Jupiter clone?
  3. K

    Galaxy Imperial IPA recipe critique

    15lb 2 Row 1.5lb Crystal 60L 1lb Carapils 8oz biscuit Mash at 153 Hops 1.5oz Magnum @60 2oz Galaxy @10 2oz Galaxy @ Flameout Dry hop 3oz Galaxy in Secondary for 2 weeks
  4. K

    Is this a good recipe?

    8lbs ultralight malt extract Steeping Grains: 1lb Vienna 1lb Brit Crystal 50/60L 1lb White wheat Hops: 0.5oz Magnum @ 60 1oz Galaxy @ 20 1oz Galaxy @ 10 1oz Galaxy @ Flameout 3oz Galaxy Dry Hop 7 days