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  1. K

    My yeast seem to love coffee

    I started a coffee wine and the yeast seemed to be rocking more than normal. Has anyone noticed this before or are my yeast just pulling college all night study sessions? They seem to love coffee. Kevin
  2. K

    Aged 6 Months Cider ready to bottle

    I am ready to bottle my cherry apple wine that has aged about 6 months. It is completely clear and tastes pretty good. It is about 12-14 %. I used E1118 yeast. Only very tiny bubbles come up the sides once in a while (I assume dissolved CO2). The airlock is completely still. I have a few...
  3. K

    Adding Sugar Later

    I have a cider that has aged 6 months. It is a bit dry. If I add Sorbistat-k and Potassium Metabisulfite can I back sweeten with something other than artificial sweeteners (ie juice, table sugar, etc)? I do not want to use artificial sweeteners because they all taste bad. How long do I need...
  4. K

    Bone Dry

    I have some bone dry 3 month aged cider. I plan on aging it much longer probably 6 months or so. How can I back sweeten it? I do not want it very sweet but it needs to have some sweetness. I do not like artificial sweeteners. They just taste like chemicals to me and they do not age well? I...
  5. K

    @#$% Fruit!! How to get out?

    I had the "joy" of racking off 6 lbs of cherry I added to my secondary carboy. My gosh how could I have made this easier. It was a nightmare. I am not sure I could have placed the fruit into a ferment bag because it would not have fit in the carboy. I could have placed in a ferment bucket...
  6. K

    Honey - How much to add?

    Honey - How much to add? I just got some great Orange Blossom honey that I want to make a traditional mead from. How much honey (in gallons or pounds) would you add to a 5 gallon carboy to make a dry, medium or sweet mead? I will be using D-47 yeast. Thanks Kevin
  7. K

    Floating Cherries

    How long should you leave cherries floating in the secondary? I have some in my apple wine right now. Kevin
  8. K

    ??Sulphite When Racking??

    Do you (or should you) add Sulphite each time you rack? I have heard you do this to prevent oxidation. Do you do it when you rack your primary? Is it necessary before bottling if you are completely fermented with no residual sugar? Than Kevin
  9. K

    Bottles Cap Identification

    I am collecting bottles for re-bottling. How do you know if a beer bottle takes a standard or European bottle cap? Is their markings on the bottle? Is there some visual way of knowing? Thanks Kevin
  10. K

    Fresh Cider in FL

    We are not lucky enough to have fresh cider here in FL or am I wrong? Anyone in FL know where to get some good fresh stuff. NOTE: Where we use to have Orange juice groves we now have empty foreclosures. Most of orange juice now comes form oversees <sad> :mad::( Thanks Kevin
  11. K

    ??Floor Corker?? Which one 2 Buy?

    ??Floor Corker?? Which one 2 Buy? So it sounds like buying a separate capper/corker is what people recommend. It is not worth buying the Colonna Capper-Corker? Which corker would you buy Portuguese, Italian, Champagne or Super Zenith Bench Style? Will the Portuguese suffice for your...
  12. K

    Which Corker / Capper Recommend?

    Soon I will need to purchase a Corker/Capper. I am making both ciders and meads (both carbonates and non-carbonated). I want to use a mixture of caps and cork. I am new into this hobby but I plan on doing it for a while. What corker/capper do you use and/or recommend? Thanks Kevin...
  13. K

    Rhubarb-Citrus Soda

    There is a new recipe I want to try. I plan on carbonating with yeast not seltzer though. Kevin A Vermont Spring Tonic: Rhubarb-Citrus Soda Use pink (not green) rhubarb for the most gorgeous sunrise shade," notes "Cooking with Shelburne Farms," which adds that this "also makes an...
  14. K

    Pumpkin Soda

    This stuff was great. I used less water though. I think i used 3 quarts waters instead of 4. Kevin INGREDIENTS * 1½ lbs. Puréed Pumpkin (either home-made or canned, but don't use "Pumpkin Pie Filling") * Approximately 4 qts. Water * 2 cups Brown Sugar * ¼ cup Raisins, chopped * 9...
  15. K

    Secondary Racking Questions

    I have a few secondary questions. If after racking the primary I have to much air space do I just top off the container with more AJ? Do I need to worry about the fermentation of this new juice and the sediment it creates? If after racking the primary I want to add fruit, spices, etc how...