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    And here I thought my boy's name was a little weird.....

    I've heard stories of these two. A friend's mother was their teacher in 2nd grade or something. I thought it was BS, but seeing as how we're both from the Buffalo area... Wow...just wow.
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    Hit me with a simple, well proven recipe

    Let me know how it turns out. I'm making up a mead this weekend too. We should swap a bottle or two later.
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    Hit me with a simple, well proven recipe

    Buffalo area, right? Wegman's has some really good honey. I believe it's $12 for a 5# container of the Wegman's brand which is a pretty good price.
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    $3.81 for 60ft copper

    I'm about to bite on this. Does anyone know the difference between refridgeration tubing and type K tubing? Type K tubing @ is $138 + shipping for the same coil.
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    $2.00 5 Gallon Food grade buckets from Firehouse Sub shops

    I agree. We have some 7 gallon ones at work that I can't seem to get the funk out of.
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    30 Minute Microwave Mozzarella

    My girlfriend and I made this tonight. Turned out fantastic. We had really thought we messed up pretty bad as the curds and whey weren't seperating at all. Just a tip to all those who make it...keep going. The whey skimmed off pretty easily once we put it in the microwave for a minute...
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    Brand new technique!

    AH!!! Best post of the year!! LOL!
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    The 1.020 Curse

    All calibrating means is reading your hydrometer reading in distilled water @60F. If it reads 1.002 then you know your hydrometer is .002 off. You can then add those gravity points to every reading you take.
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    Quick Question about a Starter

    Howdee. Just a quick question. I've made a 32oz starter with Wyeast 1010 American Wheat. It looks to have fermented out. I'm brewing today. Should I remove a majority of the beer in the starter and just pitch the sludge? Or do I just dump the whole thing in? Thanks much.
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    Simple Recipe Builder

    I used these two links for about a month before I broke down and bought BeerToolsPro. The software is good for determining OG, FG, SRMs and IBUs. As far as what ingredients go into what...the BJCP guidelines give a good overview. I also second the idea of picking up Designing Great Beers...
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    Are They Trying To Put Us Out of Business?

    Sure, might be good. But does it tell you what an EAC is? EDIT: wOOt! post 100!
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    Is it too early to know if my first batch is bad

    I accidently spit into a batch of beer once at bottling time. The damn siphon was giving me hell so I just started it with my mouth (another bad idea). Got some in my mouth, spat it out on instinct right into the bucket. Bottled it anyways and three weeks later beer tasted great. So...
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    Good to know. Thanks very much for your help.
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    So I've got another question then... Why does BeerToolsPro have an FG of 1.015 at 75% attenuation when I plug in the numbers to it? Doesn't a more sophisticated piece of brewing software take into account how much of a malt is fermentable? It should...shouldn't it?
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    Ah. Ok! Thanks. Well then...this is going to be interesting.
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    Wait...scratch that. I mashed the crystal, crystal wheat and 2-row. That's still around 26% unfermentables. I'm confused. :confused:
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    45% unfermentables? How are you getting that? Did I miss something? I mashed the Chocolate, Crystal, Crystal wheat and 2-row, not just steeped. 1# of lactose and 8oz of cocoa is about 15%. Isn't it?
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    My setup

    You mean, ripping off BMC and not the craft breweries? What's MicroStar anyways? (sorry, just had to get into it, despite warnings not too)
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    I should add...I didn't use a starter. Just smacked, brewed and three hours later pitched it.
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    Hey All, I'm not sure what to do next with this beer. My gravity has been stuck at 1.030 for about three weeks now after one week for fairly vigorous fermentation. OG was 1.060. One week ago I repitched some Safale-04 (Whitbread Strain) and threw in some yeast nutrient to help restart...