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    chocolate milk stout stall?

    On 4/7/14 I made the BB CMS kit,pitched at 3:00 pm and OG was 1.045,on 4/14 I added 4oz of cacao nibs soaked in about 1/2 pint vodka. I did it all in the primary didnt want to secondary as things started out so well. Well now its 12 days into fermentation and I appear to be stuck at 1.026...
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    Valuable lesson...

    Never use your wifes brand new end tables to transfer to secondary...or bottle for that matter! :D Its gonna be a long
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    OK after using the search function im still unable to decide what to do! I have a chocolate milk stout brewing in my primary, I want to add cocao nibs but I dont want to rack to secondary (things are going to well to chance infection). I pitched yeast at 3:00 Monday afternoon and she took about...