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    I'm reading a lot of different post of here, and you guys will ferment anything, and I like that. I'm wanting to make my own saki, but I need to know some basics. My local store sells the fungi, but what makes the best tasting. Yeast, rice, water, additives?
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    First try at a partial sorta

    I'm calling this Spring for the Moment It's a partial mash. My first go at one. Let me know what you all think, and I'll keep you up to date on my side.* 5 gallon batch.* 2.5 gallons of spring water 2.5 gallons of destinies water I choose these cause I like a blank slate to brew...
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    Vanilla bean porter

    About a month and a half ago I brewed my first porter that I am making with vanilla beans added to it. I'm not going with a full porter though, it's more a mix between a porter and a boch. 6lbs amber liquid extract 1lb chocolate malt 1lb pale malt 1lb roasted barley 1oz mt. Hood hops 6%...
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    Secondary time frame

    I've been working on some ideas for a new boch style beer. And been trying some barley wine which I really like. So I've been wonder, how long can you keep a beer in the secondary fermentor? Does all the yeast ever die off? To keep it all there and then not be able to carb it would be a waste to...
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    I want you to shutter!

    Ok, so me amd Jimmypop have started our challenge of making the best beer pong beer. I give you mine, read and feel the harsh, burn that will be called "beer pong dance step #1" 4 pounds rice syrup solids 3 pounds bliess pale ale extract 1 pounds munic light malt .5 pounds domestic light...
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    I'm still new to homebrewing here, but starting to understand it a bit more. Me and jimmypop13 are roommates and having a challege to see who can make the best tasting light beer for beer pong. We can't asking for recipes on here, bt I can ask on sugar. I know rice solids are used, and so are...
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    Ale to the chief

    Hello there. Last night I had a brew night with my roommate, the one and only jimmypop! I have made one batch of beer, one mead and one hard cider. This was my first batch where I made my own beer, didn't get a kit. I took alot from Shiner, bur changed it up a bit. 2.8 lbs. Briess light...
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    First batch, and wonder what you think

    Hi there. This is my first post. I have started the hobby of home brewing, and hope to make it a long and fun adventure. Any way, I have made a batch of pale ale, and mead. I am now making my first batch of hard cider. I love cider, it's always been a joy to me. I am posting this to see if what...