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    Serving straight from SS Brewtech Brite tank?

    So Im planning on buying a SS Brite tank. (W/ glycol chiller) Since Im trying to minimize footprint. Ive thought of serving straight from SS brite tank into a glass like a kegerator. Wondering if there’s anyone else doing the same. thnx
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    Glycol chiller placement? (vertical)

    I'm on the verge of buying a glycol chiller. The only problem is I live in an apartment so minimizing the footprint is paramount. So I thought of put two fermenters on middle shelving of a heavy duty rack and glycol chiller on the bottom. (And store eBIAB unit on top) I had assumed it'd be...
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    Florida Brand New Blichmann Hellfire Burner and 15Gal BoilerMaker (G2)

    Picture will be uploaded soon. Hellfire Burner is literally brand new (Sell for $130) and never been used. I will also include a refillable propane Tank for $10 15Gal Boilermaker has been used once. it comes with false bottom as well. $200 I should be uploading Kegking kegerator...
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    Florida Where to buy/exchange beer gas in Tampa Bay Area?

    By beer gas, I mean Nitrogen/CO2 blend for beers. I assume they use CGA 580.
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    Best mini fridge for Speidel 15.9Gal/60L fermenter

    I was initially considering Aquarium chiller, but after I realized I only need one to be fermented at a time (as I use kegs as “Secondary”), I figured a mini fridge is a better bet. If it helps to sort out sizing issue, Speidel 60L fermenter is similar to Half Barrel Keg in dimension. I know...
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    RipTide or MkII pump for 10 Gallon Batches?

    Only pump I've used is March 809 for 5 gal batches. I'm in the process of switching over to 10G batches (I no longer have the March pump by the way) and I was wondering if MkII would be good enough. I was originally looking at RipTide because 1) Splash resistant 2) Valve on body and relief...
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    Is Conical worth it for temperature control (and other benefits)?

    Background: I've been homebrewing for many years and considering a "Brew-Lab" so that I can micro-manage details. I'm torn between Speidel 60L(15.9G) and Spike(or)SSB Unitank. I use buckets in chest freezer (w/ thermostat) for temp control, but sometimes the chest freezer would over run. The...
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    How loud/quiet is IceMaster Glycol chiller?

    I'm referring to this:- I was almost about to buy this, but I noticed that SS Brewtech 1/3HP Glycol chiller is pretty damn loud (based on youtube video). Since I have to place mine at alcove, noise is a...
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    Florida Homebrew Store or Club in Tampa Bay that "rents" homebrewing equipment?

    By renting, I mean a place where I can go and brew and ferment in store (or a location). Long story short, I moved from another state and due to space (And time) issues, I don't have the equipment with me. I know there's a store in Brandon that does this, but it's not avail for a while so I was...
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    Washington 2 Blichmann kettles, Cooler-Mashtun, Blichmann burner

    UPDATED: Some are sold and price reduced. This system served me well. Only selling it because my Apt. won't let me use gas anymore. 1 Gen 1 10 Gallon Blichmann Kettle with straight barb outlet *SOLD* 1 G1 10 Gallon Blichmann Kettle with Elbow Quick connect and False Bottom $260 1 Cooler mash...
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    Can March 809 with AutoSparge be left turned on?

    Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to run March 809/815 pump running with AutoSparge. When the water level runs high enough in the mashtun, the "valve" will shut and I'm wondering if it can have negative effect on the pump.
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    A new logo

    Bit too traditional for my taste, but here's my first try! 'n' in the centre represents 'nano'
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    Has homebrewing made you more sensitive to the taste and the smell of beers?

    Certainly was the case for me. I can smell and taste the things that I was not able to prior to homebrew, after about 3 batches, I'm able to roughly tell what kind of malt, adjunct was used. Wondering if it has been the same for others too.
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    Beer Laws and regulations in South Korea

    I was watching the Beer Wars the other day and I learnt about the macros do all sorts of things to smaller breweries. Well.. such things don't happen in South Korea because such are impossible to happen. How so? well, to begin with, it's practically illegal for microbreweries to exist in South...
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    Who uses wine fridge as a ferm. vessel cooler?

    Cheaper ones without all that vibration gizmo, wooden racks etc. seems like a good alternative. Considering getting a Haier or GE Got curious if people use them here.
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    What is this haze on top?

    I was making an oatmeal stout and it's a picture of the primary. Note, I forgot to put gelatin/moss etc. so it might be why. I first thought it was lactic infection, but it doesn't have the smell or the 'thin film' of infection. It goes away when I shake it, but it will appear when the...
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    How to make a beer that can be bottle conditioned for a long time?

    Despite my love for beers (and ciders), one problem that I often face is the storage. I drink about 200-300ml daily and I simply can't consume enough before the beer goes 'off'. Therefore I've been considering brewing beers that can be bottle conditioned and suitable for drinking upto 3...
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    Is my Hefeweizen off?

    so it's been 19 days since it was put in primary... I bottled them today. Although there was no visible sign of lactose infection such as thin layer of film, but when I opened the top to clean in, there was some not so pleasant smell that was tart-ish and somewhat 'stinging' on my nose...