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    Budweiser American Ale?

    I cant wait to get some so I try to clone it. Im looking forward to winter so I freeze it into ice blocks so I can skate on it, then in the spring I will melt it to drink it! :mug: :mug: :mug: :mug:
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    Budweiser American Ale?

    Yeah I cant wait for it to come out, it is going to be the best beer on the market! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
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    Cant stop messing with my logo...

    I am with JohnA111, you can try to make the spots look more like leaves blowing in the wind. But if I were to pick between the two NOW, I would say w/o spots
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    possible new logo and name change...

    maltMonkey: I get what you are saying, lets see what I can do.
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    possible new logo and name change...

    Okay I decided to call my brewery Chuki Brew Co. about a month ago. It is supposed to be pronounced CHEW-KEY Brew Co. Some people were pronouncing it CHUCKY. So I decided to change the name to Chewki Brew Co. For those of you left wondering wtf Chuki is, let me explain. It is a version of...
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    Lable and brewery name advice

    Man these labels are kicking my a** im having so much fun designing these. Here is what I first thought when I read "Strong Bull":
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    Label/ Logo Help

    Here is another quicky that I whipped up for you: DP
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    Label/ Logo Help

    Heres one i quickly came up with: DP
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    Yoopers Fat Tire Recipe Changes... I went to the store with Yoopers recipe in hand. The store was out of Victory malt. I remembered reading on here that Victory was just an american version of the biscuit malt. So I told the lady to just substitute the victory with bicscuit...
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    BearFrick Panty Dropper, Yeast Question

    Thanks fellas, Montrachet it is then.
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    BearFrick Panty Dropper, Yeast Question

    I have 4 yeast at my disposal: Windsor Nottingham Montrachet Cotes des Blancs I need some opinions as to which yeast to use with BeerFricks Liquid Panty Dropper since I dont have the correct yeast to use. Panty Dropper Sweet Cider Recipe 8 cans of Wal-Mart Apple Juice Concentrate 2...
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    Steeping speciality grains

    Last Sunday I brewed my first beer that wasnt with a MrBeer. The German Octoberfest kit that I used had steeping grains. As soon as I dropped the sack in the water:D it immediatley filled the house with a smell that I wish would never go away. I hope it taste just as good.
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    Chuki Brew Label

    Here is my label design: The way I have it setup it is super easy to change the colors according to the beer type. I have a bunch of resume paper that is a light tan color and has somewhat of a rough texture that I plan on printing these out on. So everything that is white in the picture...
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    I just made put together 2 gals in my mrBreer last night. 4204.5 + 2 = 4206.5