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    Brett on brett

    Hi everyone, been a while since I've last posted. So glad to see all the info on wild and sour brews here. I was hoping to get some insight from anyone who has used brett (either single strain or a blend) as a primary yeast then added a second pitch in secondary to increase the funk level. For...
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    International shipping

    If I was hypothetically going to ship beer (some commercial and some homebrew) from Canada to the US what would be a good idea to write on the customs form to ensure they make it?
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    Ambient vs. actual fermentation temp

    Does anybody know how much warmer a beer ferments at as compared to the ambient temperature? I'm sure there are many factors that affect this including type of vessel, yeast type, maybe even gravity of wort? I'm thinking about fermenting in a space where the ambient temp is 14-15C, thinking that...
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    Late hop addition ideas

    Hello, I've been using a system that requires a whirlpool so my 0min additions are steeping in the hot wort for 30 minutes until i start chilling...maybe 60 min until the kettle is empty. all of my beer is lacking aroma so I'm wondering how to fix that. I usually use pellet hops so dry hopping...
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    how much maltodextrin?

    can anyone tell me how much maltodextrin to add to a stout that finished at 1006 to make it 1012?? i have 19L in a keg. thanks
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    and down it goes...

    well after 4 years of brewing beer at home i finally had to dump a batch down the drain. It was the first one i just couldn't choke back!
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    is it too late to add bugs?

    Hi there, I brewed a very malty beer with munich, rye and crystal on wednesday. it's down to 1.012 and tastes too malty for my liking. i was thinking about adding some commercial lacto to sour it up a little bit. is it too late for bugs? if so can i add some sugar at the same time for some...
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    how to stop fermentation?

    I'm doing a stout that calls for a final gravity of 1.016 - 1.020 but I've noticed with my set up that most of my beers finish a lot lower than that, regardless of the recipe. my guess is the temperature in my apartment is quite high but that's just a guess. anyway is it a good idea to kill the...
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    Difference of fruit in primary vs. secondary

    is there a different outcome if you put fruit in a wit bier in the primary vs the seconday?
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    What the Eff??

    I think i officially had the worst brewday yet. I have a pretty good idea of where i went wrong but was hoping i could get some feedback to confirm. I set out to brew a 6 gallon batch of IPA with a grain bill of 16 Lbs. Things started out on the wrong foot when my LHBS mis-read my chicken...
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    yeast starters...newb question

    i have never made a yeast starter before because i have always used dry yeast until recently. I usually use LME but have some Dry that i think is a bit old, so i was thinking of using it for starters. I've been reading up on how to go about it but i have a question. if i use this DME to make 1...
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    oatmeal stout not fermenting

    Hi there, last night we brewed an oatmeal stout (i got the recipe from this site but for some reason can't find it right now). I know i started with 7lbs of amber LME, and there were 1.75 lbs of specialty grains including the 0.5 lbs of quick oats. i steeped the grains in 4 q at 160*. As far...
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    Extract IPA help (4 the newb)

    I started an Extract IPA on Feb 9 and the next morning i had a serious blowoff problem. to be expected i guess. for some reason I transfered to the secondary on Feb 13th. i think i was worried about contamination from all the cleanup, and contact with the air it had?? i don't know, i just did. I...