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  1. Frilock

    A little worried about my StarSan here

    This past Sunday I brewed up a batch using the same procedure I've been using for a while now. I clean and then fill up my brew bucket to the 3 gallon mark. Then I pour in a little over an ounce of Star San, the top off up to just below the 5 gallon mark. I give it a few good swirls then cover...
  2. Frilock

    Turkey Fryer Spigot

    So I was gifted a turkey fryer recently. Doesn't appear to be of very high quality but I can't argue with free. The burner works and the pot is 30 quart. It has a spigot on it but I can't get it to open. It seems to be stuck on the closed position so I was thinking it might still function as a...
  3. Frilock

    Wisconsin Just moved to central Wisconsin from Florida.

    Hey so I just moved into central Wisconsin (Necedah area to be more precise). What all is around here as far as beer/brewing goes? :mug:
  4. Frilock

    Emergency bag repair

    Ok, so this is my second attempt at BIAB, and my bag ripped mid brew. I was using it to steep some specialty grains, and while rinsing it to switch to my main grains, I noticed a small hole on the bottom. Its sort of small but it wants to tear a bit more. Its a brand new bag just bought a few...
  5. Frilock

    Bubble...gross! my first fruit/bubblegum/:ban: flavor today. My last few batches have been brewing a little warm. Our A/C Broke and thus here in O-town, Florida my beer has been a little warm. Usually the house is between 72 and 75, so its never really been an issue before, a little on the warm side...
  6. Frilock

    Growing Hops in Florida?

    Is it possible? Would the climate work? The soil is just sand, though its fairly easy to replace a small portion of it with actual top soil. Just curious.