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    Pellicle in Belgian IPA

    I have a pellicle forming on my Belgian IPA - a dusty, bubbly pellicle. Not sure where it came from, nothing was deliberately added to the beer to wildify it. Given the amount of hops used (200g+) would this not have kept certain infections at bay?
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    Stoutmaskreplica - tart stout

    I'm been swaying over sharing this recipe, as it is not very precise so would be difficult to recreate - but seeing as how my idea for the thing is that it will continually change with every iteration, and that it is by far the best beer I have ever made, I thought I would share it. It is a...
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    Stuck at 1.030

    I have a smoked porter that's been fermenting for 6 days now and is stuck at 1.030. It is still fermenting, bubbling slightly but the hydrometer reading isn't getting any lower. I just leave the hydrometer sitting in the bucket. I have a couple of theories why this may happen. I may have...
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    Smoked stout opinions please

    Hi I'm making a smoked stout. So far I have the following recipe: 4kg Smoked malt 1kg Munich 0.25kg Crystal 0.25kg Chocolate malt 0.150 Roasted barley Hops are Dana - 20-25g at 60mins, 20 mins and flame out. S-33 yeast. Should around 1.020, so will add some brown sugar to bump ABV...
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    Hops for smoked beer?

    Hiya gang! I'm getting a recipe together for making a smoked beer. 100% beech smoked malt for the base, with a wee bit crystal, choc and roast to head towards the stout dept. Just wondering what hops to use. I was just going to go for a classic hop, just enough to bitter and let the smoke...
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    Do smaller batches sour faster?

    As it says above, do smaller batches (say a gallon or two) sour quicker (less wort to sour, less the bugs need to multiply so the quicker it sours)? Given that most sour beers seem to be blended, this may be a way to make a Rodenbach type beer with a fairly sour beer mixed with young beer...
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    Apricot Brett

    I'm going to make a one gallon batch this weekend. So far I'm thinking 1-2kg pale malt, 100g sugar (or thereabouts), amarillo hops and a belgian yeast. Then i'll add apricots (juice, dried, fresh?) and dregs from an Orval. Anyone tried anything similar to this. I was inspired by the drunk...
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    In the middle of my first all grain!

    After a very successful partial mash last month (mostly grain but just a wee bit of DME to bump of the gravity) making a belgian-scotch ale sort of thing, I decided to go all the way with grain brewing. My setup is limited in my wee flat but I'm making a light wheat beer. Got 2kg of pal malt...
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    Mash in plastic bucket

    Hi, I did my first partial mash a couple of weeks back that I bottled yesterday. It seemed to go quite well. I mashed 1.5Kg of grain in 12 litres of water in a 15 litre pot, then dunked the bag into as much water I could fit in a second 9 litre pot. Boiled both and topped off in my fermenting...
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    Help with strong dark Belgian partial

    Having got myself a bigger pot (15 litres) and had a bit of help with BIAB partial-mashing from these forums I've decided to give a strong dark Belgian a go as my first partial mash. I'm a big fan of Quads, Belgian scotch ales such as McChouffe and other dark beers and am looking to go...
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    First partial mash

    Hi, I've decided to make the leap from extract + every ingredient under the sun, to partial mashes (now that I understand a lot more about malts, yeasts etc). I roughly know how I'm going to go about doing it I was just looking to see if anyone else has experience with what I'm planning. I...
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    Smoked weizenbock

    Howdy! I'm a huge fan of Schlenkerla rauchbiers, however the weizen and the urbock aren't always available. I also love a good weizenbock so I'm looking at advise on brewing a weizenbock using extracts and some bamberg rauchmalt. Has anyone got any advise on how to go about doing this. I...
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    Adding sour dregs to finished beer.

    Is it possible to sour a beer after fermentation (or even after bottle conditioning) by adding dregs of a bottle conditioned lambic or two to a gallon of it?
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    Heather Lager

    Used a can of Coopers Heritage Lager as a base. It wouldn't be difficult to make one from scratch though. I think Coopers use Pride of Ringwood hops but i'm not sure. Anyway... 1.7kg Coopers Heritage Lager 1kg Dextrose .5kg honey .250kg porridge oats .250kg fresh Heather Toast around...
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    Chocolate coffee chili stout from kit.

    I plan on making a chocolate coffee and chili stout (you may have figured this part out yourself) sometime next week using a Coopers Stout kit as the base. I had a look on Coopers website that had a recipe for an Extra Stout that used the Stout kit + 1.5kg Dark LME + 500g brewing sugar. Works...
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    I would apperciate some thoughts on a potentially terrible beer.

    About 8 days ago my friend and I brewed up an experimental batch of...something...using a lager kit that came with a brew kit we bought. In addition to the 1.5kg can of generic pale pre-hopped extract we added 500g of black treacle 500g molasses one ginger root, grated vanilla essence...
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    Adapting kits.

    I'm new to this whole homebrewing malarkey and am working from kits at the moment (although I've only actually followed the instructions to one - we'll see how the others go). Next up I was going to use the Coopers Stout kit as a base to make a coffee, chocolate and naga chilli stout - and...