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    Opinions on recipe?

    Hello, I want to start a new brew this week. It will be my second time brewing after making my Dampfbier. I want to create a golden pale lager / pilsner style beer. If I was to use only one type of malt such as Pilsner or Pale malt for my bill what would you envision the outcome to be? Boring...
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    Lauter tun opinions?

    Hello! Im about to have a brain aneurysm with the amount of stops ive made to various hardware stores trying to get this manifold to seal properly on the wall of my cooler. With that aside, Ive finally got what seems to be a good seal. It involves the rubber washer orignally in the cooler and...
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    Few questions on lauter tun

    Got my copper manifold that sits on lauter tun complete, debured as much as I could on the inside ( as far as my file could reach ). Is there any need to use any special cleaner on copper pipe to remove any factory residues / nasties? I scrubbed the pipes with wash clothe / soap ( couldnt...
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    Lauter Tun - Im an idiot

    Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I realized that by simply prying off the existing drainer I had an almost flush hole for my pipe. I placed another washer on the other side and it fits snug. Now I have a giant hole my earlier drilling! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( Is this thing salvageable...
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    Lauter Tun help

    Hello, I got my copper pipe sawed to allow the wort through and a hole drilled in the tun. What can I use to seal it? Something that wouldnt leech in to the wort, etc? :confused: Its quite a large hole too. The first drill was a bit too high, so I had to make 2 insertions. :drunk: Thanks...
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    beer bill thoughts

    Heres my profile for my dampfbier: 4lb Pilsner 3lb Vienna 1lb smoked malt 150 gram unmalted barley 50gram CaraAroma 18 gram Tettnang 60 mins 10 gram Tettnang 15 mins First brew and not sure what to expect. What are your thoughts?
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    lauter tun help

    Hello, I'll be using a large plastic cooler and will be turning it in to a lauter tun. I plan on drilling a larger hole in its draining hole at the bottom of the crate to allow a faucet to be inserted. On the inside I will have a " [] " shaped copper pipe rectangle connected to it from the...
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    Beer Bill opinions

    4lb pilsner 2 row 3lb vienna malt 1lb oak smoked malt 150 gram unmalted barley 50gram Caraaroma 28 gram Tettnang Hops Bavarian Wheat Yest This is for a DampfBier. What are your insights? I was told by a member that the smoked malt would be intrusive. I just want to get a few more insights...
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    Dampfbier Hops

    quick question. For my dampfbier, im a bit confused with the hop addition to the wort boil. It says: Tettnang: 18 gram (60 mins) 10 gram (15 mins) does this mean I boil my wort for 75 mins and leave 18 grams in for 60 mins then take out and add 10 more grams for 15 mins?
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    Dampfbier recipe advice

    Hello, im hoping to start brewing this weekend. The current bill is as follows: 4lb pilsner 2 row 3lb vienna malt 1lb smoked malt 50gram Caraaroma 28 gram Tettnang Hops Bavarian Wheat Yest (2 items cut from list are 0.15kg of cornmeal and 0.15kg of unmalted wheat) This being my...
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    Dampfbier recipe help

    Hello! Im following this dampfbier recipe and will be my first brew: Type: All Grain Batch Size: 15.00 L Brewer: Ulrich Boil Size: 10.93 L Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Brew Pot (5 Gallon) Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 Taste Notes...