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    Trip from Mass to Wisconsin through Chicago!!

    SWMBO and myself are taking a road trip from Mass to Wisconsin to a family cabin in Rhinelander, staying in Chicago for a night or two as well. Looking for some suggestions on places to stop and beer to drink from some of you local guys!
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    Keg bag for ferm temp control

    Has anyone tried these instead of a larger bucket to insulate and cool a fermenting bucket, it's basically a giant bag for keeping a keg cool, I'm assuming it would work similarly to cooling a keg
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    Has anyone tried this?

    Just bought a four pack of the blonde, red and American pale ale, the red is very good I thought not even just for gluten free beer, if only a bit thin I'd highly recommend this I hope the other two are jut as good
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    help with first gluten free brew!

    So, the girlfriend is currently gluten free and we decided to brew a GF beer that we could enjoy together, never made one before so just looking for a little insight on my recipe, most importantly the fermentables. Going to make the starter tonight and brew on Monday/Tuesday. This is what it...
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    dry spicing and hopping help

    I'm going to be racking my white IPA to secondary tomorrow, planning on dry-hopping with an oz of cascade and oz of citra I also just cut some fresh lemonbomb and sage from SWMBO's garden I'm a little worried about sanitation with the herbs. I was thinking about throwing them in some...
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    first recipe

    Hey all, I'm brewing my first original recipe in the morning. It's the Big Bad Breakfast Stout in mourning of NHL lockout depriving me of the Big Bad Bruins. I am doing a full 5 gallon boil and I have: 3 lbs Light DME 3 lbs Amber DME 1 lb Chocolate Malt 1 lb Flaked Oats 4 oz of...