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    Attenuations Meditation: Water Wizards Please

    I've a lot of technical brewing books lately. I'm having trouble understanding the (chemistry) {science} information, especially this chart from "The Practical Brewer" about mineral concentrations and sachrification time: (pg. 34) Ca 79 166 83 207 Mg...
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    Take some pictures of yeast cakes and let us look and discuss. Here's some notty I'm done with. Thought it looked cool.
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    Arkansas Brewpub Equipment For Sale

    I just had the opportunity to look at a small brewpub setup for sale. But unfortunately, I cannot afford it. So, I thought I would put it up here and try and sell it for this guy. This system is Basically (2) 150gal jacketed fermenters/serving tanks and a gylcol pump. Made in mexico, all...