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    Yet another Lager prob

    I am working on a third yeast pack, which has not grown for me. The first two didn’t even swell (I didn’t bother pitching the second one), this third yeast pack Wyeast Lager, don’t remember which. Well this last one swelled quiet well, I thought the packet might explode. So after 4 hours I...
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    Wyeast prob

    any one have a problem with wyeast not propagating ? I had 2 smack packs that wouldnt swell. The third I left in the warm car and it swelled after 15 minutes. I have never started a starter culture and have had very good luck. This time I itched it anyway and no growth. I am doing a lager, and...
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    Probably not the right list but here goes.... Why does homemade root beer have such a small amount of alcohol????
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    Exploding Keg

    Wife (is that SWOB???) has voiced another concern, has anyone ever had a korny explode on them??? It seems to me I tap into it almost each night to draw off a brew so the ones Im into are lowered. any thoughts???
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    Milk Can

    Anyone ever try using a milk can modified for a boiler???? I think they are aluminum
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    Reuse yeast first try

    Well I tried to reuse my yeast from a previous batch. I racked one off primary and put new batch right on top of the old yeast bed 12 hours later and I got blow off really psyched. updates to follow
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    Anyone tried these, I didn't see a name on them ???
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    Malting grain

    Anyone read the article in Brew this month about malting your own grains??? and tried it??
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    Burner in doors

    Any one use the turkey fryer burner indoors to cook 5 gal batches. I had done many batches inside and today when wife was home she went off the deep end and thought I was going to kill myself, So in hte middle of a cook had to move out doors in 10 degree weather. Seems to me what is the diff...
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    Negative pressure first lager

    Ok so I just recked into my secondary my first batch of lager, sat at about 50% had a nice ferment for about 10-12 days alot of action. Now less than 1 bubble a miute I racked into my secondary and to my surprise it has a negative pressure. It is pulling the airlock into the bottle. I emptied...
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    I want to add gelatin to a lager batch to clarify it on the way to the secondary. Can it just be gelatin from the grocery store or is it a special brewing gelatin?
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    Wirlfloc tab in secondary

    Well I did my first lager but I forgot to add my wirlfloc tablet during the boil. Anyone think I could add it to the secondary during transfer. I would sterilize some H2O and dissolve the tablet then gradually mix during transfer without aerating to much.
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    Rinse after bleach

    I use bleach to sanitize and rinse after, haven't had a problem yet (knocking on wood) I was concerned about getting bleach solution into brew and killing of yeast. those of you who use bleach do you rinse, What are the no rinse solutions and have you had good luck with them?
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    Growing Hops

    I want to start growing my own hops, have done some research and sounds like fun. Who has done this and do you have any advice or tried and true tricks. Also looking for a good place to get a variety of plants. I live in the North east and would like to get a head start. Dwayne
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    Whirlfloc tablets

    Anyone ever use the Whirlfloc tablets? The guy at the brew store said it would clarify my brew. I just threw one in the wort, Kinda excited to see how it works.
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    I am sure this has been answered allready but couldnt find. Does anyone have a good online supplie store they have ordered from??
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    First Keg

    Well Kegged my first batch last night went pretty well. I didn’t realize the out spigot was attached when I put the CO2 to it and squirted a bit of brew across the room (luckily I was in my new brew room and not in the kitchen) I forced carbonated it and now cooling in the garage. Can’t wait to...
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    Freezer to fridg

    I have been brewing for a bit but bottling, I am now finally making the jump to kegs. I have a freezer that is not being used and would like to use it as a keg fridge; I have found a contraption that would control the temp and raise it to higher temps here is the link...