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    Crazy hops picture

    LOL. Those pics have got me thinking of some of the weird stuff I've found in mini-bails.
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    For the love of Dry Yeast?

    Some good news. Danstar FINALY got Nottingham back into production.
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    Mash Temp and Thermometer location

    I get temperature variations up and down the mash, but It doesn't concern me. A couple degrees variation just means that the hot spots will convert faster. Stirring, mashing out, and sparging directly to heat will take care of it all in the end.
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    You might be over sparging, or sparging to hot. (should be between 70c and 75C)
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    A little comedy.

    Photoshop, and some alcohol enhanced imagination:
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    Forgot Black Patent... Still Mash?

    I think the worst that will happen is that your beer might look *redish* if you hold a glass of it up to a light bulb. Nothing to worry about.
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    Effect of adding 3rd runnings as top off water

    Chill haze, astringency, and most scary of all, lactic infection. Those are the three cons I can think of. If you want some idea of what is lurking in your mash tun, dump your spent grains in a garbage bag, tie it up, then smell the contents a few days later. Remember that scene from...
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    90min IPA Recipe Question

    You could do a single infussion at 145F (about 65C). That is about the point just before Beta beguins to denature. After 90 min both beta and alpha will have had a good crack at the starch, and you will have a nice dry beer. I've done a few dry IPAs with pilsner malt. If you want to be sure of...
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    Going AG, Gotta Shop First

    You don't HAVE TO use a cooler. A plastic bucket will work just fine.
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    IPA help needed

    I would want to be conservative (considering the shortage) In a 5 gallon batch 15AAU's of Centennial in the boil. (divide 15 by the alpha acid rating on the hop to get the amount) Assuming the low end, that's going to be something like 1.6 oz Half an ounce of cascade, and half an ounce...
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    Grain ratio

    I don't know precisely, but something like 10:1 base/specialty would be reasonable. Not necessarily because honey malt is less diastatic than 2-row (how much less I'm unsure) but because 1:1 would be a bit on the RICH side. For example I would not use more than a pound of crystal malt for a...
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    missing strike water temp every time by 5 degrees.

    Try ignoring beersmith. Just investigate these questions: How much heat your mash tun will sap from the strike water. How much heat the grain will sap from the water before hitting the target. How much water you use. How hot that water is. Always use the SAME amount of water per pound...
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    decoction question

    Take everything I say with a bucket of salt, but I have found that adding a litre of water to the grain taken from a decoction does no harm. This will slow the boil, but it will *lubricate* the boil once it starts. You want the decoction to be as evenly heated as possible so that you can hit...
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    decoction question

    I've done many decoctions, sometimes three times in a row for a pilsner. I've used decoctions to simulate a step mash, and I've used decoctions to rescue a low strike. The only time I ever picked up astringency was when I badly over sparged, and that was a single infusion. That's all...
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    Recipe help

    Your welcome. Take my advice with a little salt though. In any case it's gonna be beer. That's what maters.
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    Stout FG not dropping

    You should have had 1.030 after 4-5 days. This sux. It's not going to drop much lower IMO. To many unfermentables. The yeast probably crapped out. I suggest using twice as much 2-row next time. To fix THIS brew, re-oxygenate, and boil 3lb pale liquid malt extract, or mash 5lb 2-row, then...
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    Recipe help

    Oh fiddlesticks it's to late now, but I would suggest dropping the DME. Your an AG brewer now, you don't need that stuff. To repeat this recipe substitute 5lb 2-row for the DME. Also try lumping the Willamette all together for the finish, IOW let the biscuit come through. Also 1lb biscuit might...
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    I learned today that Hop Union may have had an unexpected inventory error. All I can tell you for sure is that my Homebrewing supplier is out, and as of last week, Hop Union was not excepting new orders until they did a recount. If your supplier has no preorders for Cascade Whole, now...
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    How long is too long in primary?

    If it's a glass carboy. Otherwise I would transfer now.