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    Tons of floaties from yeast - what to do?

    I have a couple bottles of Westvleteren 12 that I’ve been saving for a special occasion, and I’ve noticed that the yeast cake is very loose, to the point that it stirs up a ton of floaties when I open the bottle, just from the carbonation If this were a normal beer or home brew, I’d probably...
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    Ideal "Set It and Forget It" Recipe

    My pipeline is filling up, and unfortunately my temperature controlled fermentation chamber is now acting as my kegerator for the time being. I brewed a hefeweizen this past weekend, which is fermenting in my basement around 68F ambient, and I'm looking for ideas on my next beer that don't...
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    How do you deal with undershot gravities?

    I was brewing a Hefeweizen yesterday and noticed my pre-boil gravity was way low (1.029 actual vs. 1.040 target, volume was pretty spot on). I wasn’t completely surprised by this, because I was lazy and let my LHBS crush my grain instead of doing it myself. I bumped up my boil vigor to hopefully...
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    iOS App - Cannot Enable Push Notifications

    I re-downloaded the iOS app a couple weeks ago and have been unable to receive push notifications for any app activity. Additionally, my app does not update to indicate that I have any new messages, likes, quotes, etc... I have to manually select the notification button to view any updates...
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    How to level brew stand that's on casters?

    I feel like I'm missing a simple solution to my problem and am hoping someone's dealt with this before. I have a single vessel BIAB system on a small brew stand. The stand has casters so I can roll the vessel from its normal brewing location to my grain bag hoist midway through brewing. The...
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    Electrical Panel Enclosure / Components

    I've built an electrical BIAB setup (single element, single controller, single pump) that was built using cheap, low quality components. I'm looking for a metal enclosure as well as any surplus DIN rail materials (and a larger heat sink) that folks may have, and I figure this forum is a pretty...
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    First Time - Critique My Kombucha

    I've had my first batch fermenting for three days now, and it has started to produce a film and foam (maybe a pellicle). Everything look ok so far? Couple things to note: - My vessel is a blue glass container, so the color is a bit off in the pics. - I did not use a scoby for this, just a...
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    First Time Kegging - Couple Questions

    Good morning everyone. After about 10 batches, I’ve made the switch to kegging and have a couple questions. After cold crashing for three days, I transferred 5 gallons into my keg and sealed it up. I put 30psi of CO2 on the beer for about an hour, and lightly shook up the keg every time I...
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    Anybody experience loss of efficiency with flaked grains?

    I've been trying to hone in my efficiency numbers lately and was sad to see that I severely missed my gravity targets on my most recent session. My suspicion is that this was due to the large amount of flaked grains for the recipe, which I did not crush. Grain Bill 5# Pale Malt 3# Flaked Maize...
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    Burned up a contactor - identifying problems

    This was my fourth brew session on my 220V, 5500W eBIAB setup, and halfway through my mash I noticed smoke coming from my panel. After shutting everything down and opening it up, it looks like one of my contactors has been scorched. I will order another on Amazon today, and I was wondering...
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    Recipe Critique - Squatter Saison

    Hey everyone, my first saison didn't dry out enough to be true to style, so I have put together a different recipe that should be a "truer" representation of a saison. I am looking to solicit feedback on the ingredients, brewing schedule, or fermentation schedule. Style Name: Saison Boil...
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    First yeast starter - Is it finished?

    I made my first yeast starter about 24 hours ago and woke up to it looking like this. Is it ready to pitch / chill and decant (if I wanted to, probably won't though)? Should I keep the stir plate going, or turn off the stirrer until pitching?
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    Quick 3724 Temp Question

    I've got my first saison fermenting away right now. I ramped the temperature up from 68 to 90 over 4 days. For those that have fermented the beer at higher temps, do you shoot for 90 ambient or 90 degrees in the liquid beer?
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    Does anyone have experience with Brew-Boss they'd like to share? I'm specifically interested in the quality of their kettles but would also like to hear about the overall buying experience from others.
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    Separating solids from older bottled beer

    Hello everyone, I have a couple bottles of westvleteren 12 from a few years back that has unfortunately not been stored in perfect conditions. It wasn't exposed to major temp fluctuations, but it was around 72F at all times. When I look at the bottle, it has a pretty significant amount of...
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    WTB 15 Gallon BIAB Kettle

    Looking for a stainless kettle with the following features: - 15 gallons - Electric heater connection - thermometer probe connection - ball valve outlet - recirculation port (optional) - false bottom (optional but preferred) Thanks!
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    Recipe Critique - Mosaic Only APA

    So I accidentally posted to the recipe database section and figured I would get more feedback here, hence the x-post. As the title suggests, I'm trying to plan a fairly simple mosaic-only pale ale that will hopefully be very aromatic and fruity with a balanced malt profile and little hop...
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    American Pale Ale Recipe Critique - Mosaic Only Pale Ale

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to plan a fairly simple mosaic-only pale ale that will hopefully be very aromatic and fruity with a balanced malt profile and little hop dankness. I'm new to making recipes and welcome any suggestions for simplifying and improving this design. For a 5.00 gallon...
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    220V eBIAB Design - Wiring Diagram Review

    Hello, I'm currently building my first electric setup and am requesting a second set of eyes to look at my wiring diagram, which is a modified version of one of doug293cz's diagrams. I will use an Auber DSPR300 to control a 5500W element, and I have two main questions based on the...
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    Morbster's Brew Log

    Just keeping a log of my different brewing sessions and any relevant notes I captured. Motor Oil Extremely Dark Wheat Beer 5.4% AVB 33.2 IBUs 49.6 SRM 1.5kg Briess Pale Ale Malt 1.5kg Briess White Wheat Malt 0.5kg Briess Midnight Wheat Malt 0.4kg Cara-Pils Target mash temp = 68C Actual mash...