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    Help please quick

    Just mashing right now. Epic fail. I upgraded my HLT and boil kettle to keggles. Didn’t think about the MLT not being able to support the grain load. Dumped it all in annnnnddddd no recirc so pulled half the wet grain out and it’s in a 5g bucket and then the other half is mashing as normal...
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    Help with gingerbread stout

    I have a recipe from a HBS that has resulted in an excellent pumpkin pie porter. However I’m looking to make a gingerbread stout for Christmas. I would like to use the recipe as a baseline and switch out the pumpkin pie spice for gingerbread spices. Here’s the original: 10# 2 row 1# chocolate...
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    How do you know if a pail is food grade

    Is there a marking on it to look for. The Home Depot pails are saying they are food grade online but also saying there white. In store there orange. Online I cannot find an orange pail to get a description. Hoping there’s a marking to look for. I am in Canada so guessing it will be different...
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    Built in chiller in boil kettle

    Anyone do this? It’s always a pain in the ass for me to get the chiller in the pot and lid on at the end of a boil. I always find myself pushing and trying to get it past my thermometer thermo couple. Thought having it built in already just like on the HERMs HLT would be way easier. I would use...
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    CO2 to Beer Gas

    Does anyone know if you can use a CO2 regulator and cylinder for beer gas. My homebrew supply shop claims you can. I'm questioning that so would like others opinions. From what I know nitrogen and CO2 act different under pressure. When there mixed im not sure. Also if I'm not mistaken N...
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    Ssbrewtech conical fermenters

    So for some reason I don't have permission to post this in the equipment forum. Not sure what's going on. Anyways going to be getting an ssbrewtech conical. Who has one and is the brewmaster edition worth the extra cash? It looks like I can just purchase the cooling coil separate if I ever...
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    Reinheitsgebot and salts

    Anyone know if brewing chemistry to adjust RO water is allowed under the Reinheitsgebot. I'm assuming back in the day they didn't even know about water Chem but now days the breweries still following it are they adjusting water Chem at all?
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    When to carb with gelatin

    I have been using gelatin as a fining agent now for my last 3 beers. My beers clear up but I always seem to have floaters now. It's like the chill haze turns to pieces of dirty food in the glass. The chill haze almost looks better. Not just the first pint either. My procedure is to add 1tsb of...
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    Choke Cherry Wood Question

    Has anyone tried this or have any thoughts on this. I have recently started to turn into a bit of a mad scientist with homebrewing. Been watching a lot of the show brew dogs and realized there really is no wrongs or rights with brewing and almost anything can be done. Might not taste great but...
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    What's everyone use?

    So I think I have been scared away from white labs lacto Brevis. Doesn't seem to work. 24 hours and no Ph change as per previous thread that has now led me to this question. What does everyone use for there kettle souring. Gose to be exact but just any sour. Hoping it's available in Canada...
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    Is this normal?

    Making my first sour and kettle souring it. Boiled my wort for 2 mins then cooled to 111 and pitch lacto. Have kept it at around 105 for the last 12 hours. There has been no change in my Ph or detectable flavor change yet. I have read that in 12-24 hours it should be at 3.5ph already. Did I have...
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    Ph screw up

    So I have a bit of a problem. Thought my Ph test strips went to 3.0. Was off by 1. They only test to 4.0. I don't think any stores will be open tomorrow as it's our holiday carry over so think I maybe screwed and going to have to go by taste not Ph. How much will the sourness increase as it...
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    Pump question and head height

    Has anyone attempted to use this pump in there HERMs system. It was recommended on here when I asked about pumps but tried it for the first...
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    Help with Electric Brewery control panel build

    Ok so I have read a lot that these damn volt and amp meters are a huge pain in the ass in these things and seem to be all that ever goes wrong and gives a lot of people issues. Me being one. I am not sure what's going on. When I use my multi meter to measure my current coming from my power...
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    Bottom draining mash tun

    Building a HERMs stand and wanted an insulated mash tun so came up with this. It's a 8g pot (just aluminum and cheap) that I put a weldless connection in the bottom. A wrapped the whole thing including the bottom in flexible return air duct tin. Made this about 1.5" thick. I then filled the...
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    First Sour Beer Attempt Advice Needed

    Ok so I did it and I tried and also had my wife try a lambic beer last week and we both loved it. Downside is it was over $10 a bottle. So now its time for me to attempt my first sour beer but I am lost and confused. I need some advice from people that have done it before. I have done a ton...
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    E-HERMS System

    So I started my E-HERMS system today. I am basing it off of the electric brewery control panel however I am making a few minor adjustments. First I am leaving out the timer. Reasoning.....Cost. I live in Canada and I am looking at $200+ just to add a timer that I can use a kitchen timer for...
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    Counter pressure bottle filler

    I am looking to make a multi bottle filler. I have watched several videos and done quite a few searches but cant wrap my head around one thing. All use a pressure relief valve to regulate the bottle pressure. With the DIY beer gun on here the bottle pressure is purged whenever it equals the...
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    How common is verdigris

    Ok so I was planning on building a new brewery and using copper piping. I like the look of it and had some ideas. Then there was a post on here about verdigris and not using copper for an e HERMS recirc system due to it. Then started thinking and almost all diy immersion chillers are made of it...
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    Bottom Drain mash tun disadvantages

    Are there any disadvantages. I was thinking of using a false bottom and then having it drain out the bottom of the mash tun. Like directly from the bottom not out the side towards the bottom. It will be a recirc system. I was thinking this may work best to avoid any dead space. I hate to see any...