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    in line liquid meter?

    Does any one know if there is something out there that would measure quarts or gallons inexpensively that i could just put inline from my hlt to mash tun? Thanks Ron
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    250 gal fertilizer tank for mash ton?

    I have access to a 250 gal poly tank that was used for a fertilizer for potatos(not sure of the actual chemical that was inside) I would like to convert it to a mash tun for our clubs big brew days, I wanted to know if there is any way to clean the tank to make sure that it would be safe to use...
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    lager fermenting ?

    I just boiled my first lager (a SaM Adams clone) i used the wyeast smack pack 2206, i am not sure if i am suppose to put in fridge at 50-55 degrees right away after pitching, or if i am suppose to let it ferment at room temp for primary, then lager in the secondary at the 50 55 degrees. i do...
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    at what temp does yeast die?

    i have my first batch in the secondary, every thing was going well i did hydro test before i transfered it showed that it was done, then last night my heat quit in the garage where the beer was, the air temp got down to about 50 degrees i didnt have a thermomometer on my carboy but i dont think...
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    i did a stupid thing with the airlock

    this is my first batch it has been inthe primary for about 20 hrs i never noticed any activitey, but i was not really worried, reading things on here about how long it can take, i never really knew what people meant by bubbling so much a minute or whatever, then on my own i figured out i needed...
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    First batch questions from MN

    This is my first post and today i started my first batch. I put my bittering hops in the boiling bag first as per directions, then added my finishing hops in the same bag is this the right thing to do or should i have used 2 different bags or does it really not matter? also i used dry yeast i...