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    Repitched failure to launch

    So, I am making a chocolate porter. I brewed it Sunday. I had an initial gravity of 1.065. I added 2 lbs. of Pilsner to bump up my AVB to about 7-7.5%. I also added chocolate nibs treated with vodka to the boil as well as 1 lb of lactose. But, I forgot to make a starter. So I pitched the...
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    FastFerment Beer Jacket Help..

    So I have my Jacket on my wort in my conical fermenting a California Common. My yeast is eating away. I had an original wort temp after pitching of 77.8 degrees. I put 4 frozen 2 liter bottles in the bottom 18 hours ago. I added 3 large ice packs this morning because the temp was still 74...
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    To bottle, or not to bottle?

    My Belgian Witbier is still bubbling oh so slowly. But I am in secondary. I haven't had anything produce CO2 for this long. When I changed out the fermenter ball for the second time however, it had very little trub. So my question is, do I go ahead and bottle on schedule? Which is Wednesday...
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    Blow off tube came out of sanitizer

    So I am making a Belgian Witbier, which I am so excited to do. I used a blowoff tube. The first day was aggressive fermenting. I used wyeast and a starter. It is in a fast ferment conical. I came down to my "beer room" which is my cold storage at 68 degrees the second day (yesterday). The blow...