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    Raw Honey for sale cheap

    I have a LOT of raw honey (read crystallized) that I can let go pretty cheap. Just looking for interested folks. I can ship, but would prefer local to the Kansas City area. I also have some that has been filtered for a little more $. This is Argentinian honey. The raw stuff will still have...
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    Back in the game

    I've been away from brewing for a couple of years now, but "I'm Back!" New to this board. I used to be on the brewboard and lost interest after things got crazy. You all seem to be a great bunch of folks! So I just pitched 1118 on a batch of strong straight mead. I will be leaning on you to...
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    Lots of honey

    I have recently been bequeathed a ton of unfiltered raw Argentinian honey.:ban: Any ideas from the pro mead makers here. I am going to make about 3 batches of 5 gallons each to start. One cyser, one melomel, and one straight meade. Any suggestions for recipes would be graciously appreciated...