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  1. sparkshooter

    A small smoking setup?

    I've been contemplating getting my husband a smoker for his birthday in June. We currently don't have any grill (long story....) and honestly aren't that interested in having grilling capabilities. What would be a good way to smoke ribs/brisket/etc. on a small scale? I want to keep the heat...
  2. sparkshooter

    How hard to remove guts from mini fridge?

    I'm looking to improve my temp control (currently bottles of ice and a very insulating duvet comforter) system, and my goal is to turn a piece of antique furniture into a fermentation chamber. I'm not concerned about actually insulating the piece of furniture/mounting the...
  3. sparkshooter

    Exact diameter of pin lock kegs?

    Sorry for asking a question that has been addressed in passing so often, but this is really important to my purchasing decision. My keezer can easily fit 3 ball lock kegs that 8" or 8.5" in diameter. According t to a sketchup, fitting in 3 pin lock kegs at 9" diameter is theoretically...
  4. sparkshooter

    No collar, picnic tap keezer - is it possible?

    Hi guys - I live in a big (for a major city), old apartment. Tons of living space, but almost no storage, and no private basement access. I've got plenty of space in my living room to stash a 7cft keezer in a corner. I'd love to move to kegging/easy fermentation control, and the keezer seems...
  5. sparkshooter

    Looking for Beer Bottles in Toronto, ON

    Hi brewers! Long time lurker, first time poster. :) I'm looking to expand my bottle collection so that I can have more batches bottled at a time. As any Torontonians know, getting non-screw top bottles is ****ing hard. I'm originally from the States where there was no deposit or return, and...