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  1. mikeysab

    Iso: Fig Jam Quad. Ft: other half and finback

    Longshot, i'm sure, but looking for Arbor Brewings seasonal Fig Jam Quad.
  2. mikeysab

    Basic sparge water heater

    Can't find anything like this so maybe its a dumb idea. Looking to go DIY, and the simplest, cheapest route. I know it can be done with an auber pid and ssr, but having been out of brewing for awhile, i'm noticing some different names of controllers and such in my reading. What I want is a...
  3. mikeysab

    New York 220v single vessel biab system

    Since i've run out of time and interest to complete this system, i'm letting it go at a bargain. It's a 220 volt single vessel recirculating biab system. The bulk of the system is as follows. 20 1/2 gallon SS electric kettle with heating element and SS basket. 20 plate long duda diesel...
  4. mikeysab

    Dogs and fresh hops

    My wife and I decided to get a dog. In my yard among the hot peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables is a hop crown which produces a hell of a lot of hops. I know hops are lethal for dogs, but I never read anything about hiw dangerous fresh hops are. My dog loves to be in the yard, but if...
  5. mikeysab

    2 30 amp twist lock, 40 amp switch

    Title and pics say it. $15 each for receptacles and $50 for switch. You pay shipping from NY. All 3 for $70.
  6. mikeysab

    FT: BCBS Vanilla Rye ISO:List

    Some beers/breweries i'm looking for: De Garde Side Project Beat Vanilla bean dark lord Assassin, KBBS Hill Farmstead Antead variants Mother Of all Storms If you have something good, lemme know. I have some reserve/hoarders stuff coming so maybe we could expand. Thanks for looking.
  7. mikeysab

    ISO: BCBS vanilla FT: Black Tuesday

    Title says it.
  8. mikeysab

    Freeze fresh or give away?

    So being the slacker that I am, I waited too long to strip my plant. I've been harvesting enough each day to fit in my dehydrator, but now i'm going on vacation for a week and don't have time to strip and dry. Can I pick all the hops and freeze them till I get home in a week or should I just...
  9. mikeysab

    NY/NJ propane burner

    If someone is upgrading or has one laying around, i'm looking for a propane burner in decent shape, preferably 60,000 btu or higher. Just need one for a couple batches till my electric setup is done. Thanks for looking
  10. mikeysab

    ISO: Kane ANTEAD +variants

    Anybody lucky enough to actually get some?
  11. mikeysab

    ISO: RR beatification. FT: Bruery RS

    Just like the title says. Looking for beat and have reserve society exclusives. Some include BT, BW XII, Melange 3, sitr kumquat. If you have beatification, i may have more. Thanks for looking
  12. mikeysab

    Brew Dog Tokyo

    So I saw this at my local bottle shop and don't really wanna try it. But maybe somebody does. At 14 bucks a bottle, its tough to bite the bullet, but maybe someone thinks its worth it. Lemme know if you wanna work out a trade.
  13. mikeysab

    ISO: SITR peaches

    This is probably a tall task but i'd like to get a pair of Sour in the rye peaches. I have a regular and have a kumquat that i'd like to do a side by side by side tasting with. I'll take one but really would like two. If anyone can fulfill this dream, we'll chat about what its gonna take on...
  14. mikeysab

    What to do with hot peppers.

    The two things that grew best in my garden this year and last were hops and peppers. I figured out what to do with the hops, but the peppers im a bit stuck on. This year it was habanero and cayenne. I dried a bunch and made pepper flakes, and i'm planning on pickling some. I only planted one...
  15. mikeysab

    Ft: Mexi cake, b.o.r.i.s, cs, jesus

    Really looking for a Dark Lord or Beatification. Will entertain offers. All in the pic are available except SS. Thanks for looking.
  16. mikeysab

    Neem oil explained
  17. mikeysab

    FT: BCBCS for Dark Lord

    I have Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout. I want a 3 Floyd's Dark Lord. Straight up, bottle for bottle.
  18. mikeysab

    FT: Ninja vs Unicorn

    Looking for something good. Maybe a good sour or RIS. Lemme know what ya got.
  19. mikeysab

    1/2" SS 3 pc ball valves

    I need a pair of ball valves, like in the subject line. I'd like to pay 10 bucks each. Thanks for looking.
  20. mikeysab

    Leaves being destroyed

    After checking my plants this morning, i noticed a TON of destruction in the lower leaves of my hop plant. Theres much less damage, but still some, on the upper leaves. I sprayed with neem oil late last week but it rained over the weekend. Also, today is the first time i noticed anything...