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  1. jerrylotto

    Did I just keg a bomb?

    I brewed a bourbon stout recipe fermented with Safale S05 that I've made more than once, but I changed my mashing technique a little and noted that the wort was pretty thick. Despite that anecdotal observation, OG was 1.121 (which is actually a little low for this recipe, I've seen as high as...
  2. jerrylotto

    New build!

    I wanted to ferment lagers and have better temp control. My conical wont fit into any fridge or freezer under $600, so I was time to buld. The results are butt-ugly but it works like a charm. The controller on the right outside is an Inkbird ITC-308 and you can see an Inkbird IBS-TH2 in the...
  3. jerrylotto

    Closed loop gravity assisted transfer

    Purged keg and lines with CO2 in advance. Hooked up a round robin loop with the liquid running down into the keg and headspace pressure equalizing through the gas line. Not the fastest transfer in the world but until I get a spunding valve this works out.
  4. jerrylotto

    Too much grain!

    I have a stout recipe that I want to brew but the grain bill is more than 23# for 7.5 gal preboil volume. My 10 gal mash and boil would flow over if I tried to mash this all at once. I also have a 10 gal passive mash tun that could work but again, very little overhead space for sparging. I'm...
  5. jerrylotto

    Community education course

    I've put together a powerpoint presentation with the intent of offering a community ed course on home brewing. Community ed is all virtual now and I did not get the signups I had hoped for. This is the ad we put together for it. Was thinking of offering it the Homebrew Talk community as a way...
  6. jerrylotto

    Add water to grain - or grain to water?

    Does it matter? Addnig the grain to preheated water seems to be a better way to wet the mash and avoid balling, but adding preheated water to grain provides a more gradual and even temperature rise to the target. I use a recirculation pump anyway but I wanted to ask for conventional wisdom here.