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  1. explosivebeer

    Visiting Austin This Weekend!

    I searched threads for recent posts on where to go and what to do in Austin but the most recent I found was from 2008. Anyone have suggestions for my visit? My girlfriend and I are going to try to get out to Jester King on Saturday. She'll be in a conference Monday through Wednesday so...
  2. explosivebeer

    The Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival [Washington State]

    The Lakewood Rotary Homebrew Festival is just over a week away! Building on the great tradition started last summer, this year's homebrew festival will have over 30 brewers offering over 100 kinds of homebrewed beer, wine, cider, mead, and soda to sample. If you can't make it Friday night...
  3. explosivebeer

    Brewer's Classic [Washington State Homebrew Golf Event]

    We're having a golf event to share some homebrew, have some fun, and hopefully raise a little money for WAHA (the Washington Homebrewers Association) on July 10th near Orting, WA. You can find out more here: Or here's the full spiel: The Washington Homebrewers...
  4. explosivebeer

    Calling All Northwest Brewers - Homebrew Festival August 29th 2009- $1000 Competition

    I'm helping organize a new homebrew festival to take advantage of Bill 5060 that will take effect in just five days. It's the first event in the state of Washington where homebrewers will be allowed to share their beer with people outside the homebrew community. We're working with a local...
  5. explosivebeer

    My Friday

    I haven't brewed in a month and a half but I'm now in the middle of brewing 10 gallons of Irish Red and 5 gallons of Dry Irish Stout. And damn, what a gorgeous day...
  6. explosivebeer

    Wheat and a Sour Tang

    I've heard over the past few years since getting into brewing that wheat can sometimes have or cause a sour tang. I've only brewed one wheat beer in my 60+ batches and didn't have that experience. I don't have *perfect* sanitation procedures but they're pretty good and I've never had a batch...
  7. explosivebeer

    Any HBT people in NYC or Brooklyn?

    I’m heading to NYC to visit my brother tomorrow through Sunday. I always enjoy geeking out with fellow homebrewers so if anyone wants to grab a beer, or just has some suggestions on places to check out, let me know. I think Rattle 'N Hum and the Gingerman are on the agenda so far but I've heard...
  8. explosivebeer

    Gravity Calculation for Raspberry Addition

    I've looked around HBT and elsewhere but have yet to find any information about what sort of gravity a can of Oregon Fruit Products Red Raspberries in Heavy Syrup adds to a beer. I partigyled a lighter beer (OG 1.046) from a Belgian Dark Strong batch, fermented it a couple days, then added one...
  9. explosivebeer

    Alcohol and Brix Refractometer

    I know people have had very positive things to say about the 0-32% Brix refractometers on ebay but I was curious about the ones that also include a scale for measuring alcohol. Specifically, here are a couple examples: New Wine Alcohol Grape Refractometer 25%VOL, 40%Brix P0 - eBay (item...
  10. explosivebeer

    Any good logistics programs?

    I've been making more and more beer and am now finding a need for a logistics program or database application to keep all my information in one place. Specifically, I'm looking for something that organizes how much equipment I have (20 cornie kegs, three sankey kegs, five carboys, two ale...
  11. explosivebeer

    Reconditioning Pin Lock Kegs

    I've got a dozen pin lock kegs that I'm finally getting around to reconditioning. I've got replacement seals for them but am noticing now as I'm taking them apart, that there are a lot of differences between them. I've found some resources (like here: BallKegClean) that talk about which...
  12. explosivebeer

    Late-Season Hops

    A nice lady is looking to take down her hop vines in the next few days. Apparently they're loaded with hops but some are starting to turn brown. I haven't seen any pictures of them so I don't know exactly what condition they'll be in. What are the chances that they'll still be in good shape...
  13. explosivebeer

    Multiple burners off one propane line?

    I'm revamping my setup. I was going to go with a Banjo burner and actually ordered it but the company couldn't find it in their warehouse. I'm now thinking of getting three of these (CAST IRON BURNER COM - Agri Supply) on adjustable mounts so I could move them from a three-tiered setup to...
  14. explosivebeer

    Saving Wort to Check Gravity Later

    I'm in a little dilemma here. I want to brew tonight but my hydrometers are at other people's places. Is it possible to set aside some post-boil wort in a sterilized container, throw it in the fridge, and check the gravity in a few days when I get one of my hydrometers back? Should I just go...
  15. explosivebeer

    Conditioning Yeast in a Starter

    I'm going to be making two starters today - a standard California Ale strain and a Super High Gravity strain. Is it important to get appropriate gravities for each starter or does it really matter? Do they need to be conditioned to their future fermentation levels? I'm going to be using...
  16. explosivebeer

    Is this a really bad idea?

    I'm in the market for a new, stronger heat source. I may go with an internal element but saw this and thought it looked interesting: Red Dragon VT 3-30 C Vapor Propane Torch Kit Has anyone used anything like this before? What complications do you foresee?
  17. explosivebeer

    Oregon Brewers Festival - Need a place to crash Thursday night

    This is an odd idea and possibly not the best one I've ever had. But I thought I'd at least throw it out there and see what happens. My brother and I (22 and 30, respectively) are coming down from Seattle to Portland for the Oregon Brewers Festival. We were just planning on coming down...
  18. explosivebeer

    Raising temperature of bottled or kegged beer

    I've noticed on a few batches that after I keg my beer (and one that I bottled) and put it in the fridge for a few days, if I pull it out and let it sit at room temperature (~70*f) for a day or two it really helps round it out, especially in the aroma and esters. The difference can be night and...
  19. explosivebeer

    Using Oatmeal

    I've heard of a few different techniques on how to use oatmeal but have yet to find a definitive explanation on how to use them. Some people bake them for a while, others make oatmeal to gelatinize the starches. Is there a right or a wrong way? I tried putting two pounds Quaker oats in my...
  20. explosivebeer

    Rounded Vs. Straigh-Sided Kegs for 3-Tier System

    Does anyone know if using a rounded keg (like this: would be beneficial or detrimental compared to a standard straight-sided 15.5 gallon keg for building a 3-tier setup?