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  1. amazinglarry

    Looking for hops..

    Anyone know where I can get el dorado, Hallertau Blanc, Hull Melon, Mandarina Bavaria, Triskel, and Wah-iti hops for sale in the US? Or at least a reasonable site abroad.
  2. amazinglarry

    Yeast not Proofing

    Hi all, was making a mead yesterday and my yeast didn't proof (5 g D47 in 2 oz water 7g Go-Ferm). Figured it was a bad batch then did my second packet, no go. Then my third, still the same. I've never had this happen before. I find it hard to believe that three different packets of yeast that...
  3. amazinglarry

    Bitter Cider

    Made my first cider about 6 weeks ago. Just tried a bit yesterday. Its very bitter almost vingar like. Is this normal for this stage of the conditioning?
  4. amazinglarry


    For how many days do you degas a mead for?
  5. amazinglarry

    The basics

    Hi all, I'm a BJCP ranked avid homebrewer looking to help his newly retired dad make wine. I was just thinking that I'd get some good yeast, hit the juice with some nutrients and oxygen and then call it a day. Any problems with this? Do you oxygenate wine? Do you need to make a starter for...
  6. amazinglarry

    Looking for Partridge and a Pear Tree

    Anyone have a bottle of the Bruery's Partridge and a Pear Tree for sale or trade?
  7. amazinglarry

    Rotten Eggs in my yeast starter

    Does anyone have experience with Ringwood yeast producing hydrogen sulfide odors or do I have a bacterial infection?
  8. amazinglarry

    Refractometer Problems

    Hi... Bought a refractometer a couple of weeks ago. Used for a big brew day with club members and in two successive boils afterwords and seemed to be fine. All readings were in the range of predicted gravity. I have a brew that has been fermented for a week and got a reading of 1.036 on...
  9. amazinglarry

    Confused about preboil gravity

    Hi folks. Did my second AG yesterday and had an issue I don't understand. I mashed in with 15 qts. and after an hour these runnings had a gravity of 1067. I am shooting for 1049 so I just figured after sparging it would be right (correct assumption?). However, after sparging 5 gallons I was...
  10. amazinglarry

    Cloudy Beer

    Did a partial mash yesterday and it looks very murky/cloudy in the carboy. Used a lot of late hops but filtered much of it out. Is there something I can add/do to clear it up or should I just give it a couple of weeks? Is this normal when you conduct an AG or partial?
  11. amazinglarry

    Partial Mash Specialty Grains

    When conducting a partial mash should the specialty grains be mixed in with the base grains or do I wait until I have the sweet wort mixed with the remaining extract and steep them for a half hour like I would an all extract recipe?
  12. amazinglarry

    Wort Chiller Advice

    Buying an immersion wort chiller (with possible recirculation). Any advice?
  13. amazinglarry

    Maintaining target gravity for a partial boil

    Does it make a difference to create a partial boil with the same gravity as a full boil? I know a lot of people read Brewing Classic Styles, Palmer says it creates the same "flavor development" as a full boil. Do people agree or disagree with this?
  14. amazinglarry

    Oak Chips in IPA

    Brewing an American IPA and was wondering how much to use. Any experience would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. amazinglarry

    Specialty Grains

    Just bought a whole batch of specialty grains I'venever used before (honey, pale chocolate, acid, etc). Was curious what calculations people use in order to figure out how much to add. Thanks.
  16. amazinglarry


    Was wondering if anyone has taken the BJCP exam. How difficult was the process, how much did you prepare...etc.
  17. amazinglarry

    Under Attenuated Beer

    Hi Folks. Brewed a beer formulated after Belgian Tripel, used safale us-05. Was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to induce a second fermentation. The beer has been already carbonated and chilled in my kegorator. Any thoughts? Thanks.