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  1. Kegstand

    Beer Challenge: Firestone Union Jack vs Sierra Nevada Torpedo

    I'm going with two great IPA's from two very well respected micro breweries. Who wins this battle and why? Firestone vs Sierra Nevada...let the games begin. vs
  2. Kegstand

    Difference between Porter and Stout?

    Can anyone help me out on this? Have always wondered what the difference was.
  3. Kegstand

    Cheap equipment? Planning to move on from Mr. Beer

    Hey guys...just bottled my last batch of Mr. Beer, the Weizenbier which I'm looking forward to trying in 3-4 weeks. However I don't plan to stay with Mr Beer as I want to make some bigger batches...the 2.5 gallon just isn't cutting it. Was wondering where I can get the cheapest and best...
  4. Kegstand

    Anyone know where I can find Krueger beer?

    My family's last name is Krueger and I came across a cool sign that said "Ask for Krueger ale beer." I thought it was pretty cool and I have found all kinds of cool stuff online that you can buy. Coasters, cans, signs....but no actual BEER! Just wondering if anyone has heard of this and if so...
  5. Kegstand

    Are pale ales hoppier than lagers?

    Still trying to learn my different beers. From what I understand there are two main types of beer. Ales and lagers...with of course many different styles of each. From what I can taste it seems like pale ales are much hoppier than any lagers I've tasted.
  6. Kegstand

    3rd batch! Weizenbier!

    Hey guys...just started my 3rd batch of brew. I have the Mr. Beer kit and went ahead and got the Weizenbier since I'm a fan of wheat beer. Any ideas or suggestions to making it better. It's been sitting in the keg for 10 days now...but unlike my other 2 batches I want to get rid of that...
  7. Kegstand

    Anyone tried Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA?

    Been on the IPA kick lately and have been trying different ones. My latest favorite is Firestone Union Jack IPA, I reccommend this to everyone. Saw the Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA online but haven't seen it in the stores. Was wondering if anyone has tried it?
  8. Kegstand

    Firestone Solace

    Anyone living on the west coast that knows Firestone have got to get their new seasonal that just came out! Solace is one of the best tasting beers I've ever had. They're not sure if they are going to continue with this seasonal but they are making it through August and I highly...
  9. Kegstand

    Froze my beer

    Had some people over yesterday and they wanted to try my Vienna Lager home brew. So to chill it fast I threw 3 bottles in the freezer. Drank 2 last night (which they liked by the way, whoo hoo!) but forgot about one. This morning I open the freezer to grab my box of waffles and there sits a...
  10. Kegstand

    Malts vs Hops

    Hey guys...still fairly new to the forum and I've learned alot about home brewing so far thanks to you guys. I still want to learn more about beer taste and the difference between malts and hops. I think I know what each tastes like. I've recently had a Stone IPA that was really hoppy. Right...
  11. Kegstand

    Dos Equis Amber

    I was sitting back enjoying a Dos Equis today and they're not bad. Was wondering if anyone has had the Amber and how it compares to the regular green bottles. Flavor wise, quality wise? Not only am I new to brewing...but I'm venturing out of my bud light cocoon and starting to enjoy the...
  12. Kegstand

    10 days in the primary ok for Mr. Beer Vienna Lager?

    My last beer I did with Mr. Beer was the WCPA that came with the kit. I only had it in the primary for a week but then conditioned it for 3 weeks and it turned out pretty good. I wanted to leave it in the primary a little longer this time...was wondering if there was going to be a big...
  13. Kegstand

    Yeast pitching

    I just started my 2nd batch about 10 minutes ago. It's the Oktoberfest Vienna Lager. Was just wondering how you guys usually pitch your yeast. I've heard some say to sprinkle it on top and then leave it. Others I've heard say mix it in well. Or..a combination of both after letting the yeast sit...
  14. Kegstand

    Friend said my beer tastes like apple juice

    That motherf*cker! I finished my WCPA and thought to, it tastes good but lacking in carbonation. So I let it sit another week. I opened up another one and damn, it was perfect. Very carbonated and good taste. Or at least that's what I thought. I left one for a buddy of mine and...
  15. Kegstand

    Anybody buy personalized labels for their bottles?

    I was thinking about doing this. After brewing my first batch, which turned out excellent by the way, I am now addicted and have found myself a new hobbie. I will be brewing a Vienna Lager next...can't wait. Now I want to create my own labels to impress people even more. There's a couple...
  16. Kegstand

    Wheat beer vs IPA

    Still trying to learn more about the different types of beer. Which one do you guys prefer more and which is more hoppy/bitter and usually has the higher ABV? Trying to decide on which kind I should brew next. I want to get another batch going in the primary since I finished bottling my last...
  17. Kegstand

    What's the difference between bottle conditioning and bottling?

    If it's best to condition your beer in warmer temperature and not in the fridge...then I'd probably keep them in the same spot as when they were first bottled. So...what's the difference then between bottle conditioning and just regular bottling?
  18. Kegstand

    2 Questions

    Now that my first batch is complete...I want to make an even better batch next time around. My first question is, using corn sugar vs. regular table sugar? I've heard people say corn sugar is better, but why? Secondly, what is more important....leaving your brew in the keg longer to ferment or...
  19. Kegstand

    Opened my first beer about 2 minutes ago!

    If anyone has seen my posts lately you know how excited I've been about doing my first ever brew. After a few weeks I opened my first Mr. Beer WCPA and I have to say it's pretty good. The taste is good...but lacking a little with the carbonation. Beer didn't have any head but I could still taste...
  20. Kegstand does Mr. Beer ferment without an airlock???

    :confused: Now that I understand the process of beer making...this has puzzled me. Everything I've read has said that during fermentation the air needs to escape but not allow any back in. Using a Mr. Beer kit with a screw on does this work??