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  1. Elfmaze

    Anyone think they will make a slimline 10 gallon Torpedo keg?

    I brew in 10 gallon batches and if for nothing else I want to reduce the number of lines in my kegerator to reduce the challenge of leak hunting... But there is also the complexity of washing two kegs per batch. I would love a 10 gallon Torpedo keg... but they are wide and squat. Not super...
  2. Elfmaze

    Plumbers, what am I doing wrong? copper chiller build

    SO I've never had trouble sweating pipes before. but this one is not flowing... I used a pipe tool to clean up the edges and applied this flux to the joints. Using this solder, But its not flowing into the joint... just around. It probably took about an hour to put it all...
  3. Elfmaze

    Talk to me about gelatin

    I had a stuck mash from hell in my brew magic clone system. didn't get any clarification in the mash recycle and a ton of junk made it to the conical. It seems to settle from a test.... But its been down three weeks now and hasn't even got to the sample port yet. A test glass does settle...
  4. Elfmaze

    Does Aubers Ez Boil "Learn" its environment?

    I have an HLT with selectable power 4500 or 9000 watts depending what I'm doing downstream and how many amps I have available. I'm guessing this will confuse a PID as it will over shoot when the second element is turned on. Does the EZ Boil work the same way or will its algorithmic approach...
  5. Elfmaze

    Sealed Mash tun?

    I have a three vessel RIMS system and just picked up an interesting kettle that was able to pressurize to transfer the boiled wort into the fermentor. I don't know if im going to use it for my BK as I'm pretty happy with my current BK... But what about as a mash tun. once you have boiled...
  6. Elfmaze

    Anyone using the Auber Brew Buddy 2?

    Looks like a nice piece of kit for $1k DIY form. $1500 assembled. which in my case might be worth it... I only see one mention of it when I do a search
  7. Elfmaze

    Herms in a tube?

    Part of my switch to electric brewing seems to be a push toward HERMS vs RIMS that I was using on my gas fired brewery. My HLT is a bit "cluttered" already and drilling and welding new holes in it is possible, but I have another idea. Since I am already recirculating the HLT. can I pass the...
  8. Elfmaze

    Any element "switch" boxes out there?

    I just acquired a set of kettles with boil coils installed in them. Two coils in a Keggle HLT(9000watts) and one coil for the BK(4500watts). I currently have a gas fired electric recirculating RIMS ala Brewmagic style brewery. I would love to get rid of the gas burners. I haven't found any...
  9. Elfmaze

    Beer gas mixer?

    I just picked up this unit... and I kind of understand the concept. But does it work at low and high flow? I figure you need to balance the input pressures(how precisely?) and under high flow I'll be able to set the needle valves. does that setting hold under low pressure maintenance head...
  10. Elfmaze

    Stiring after chitosan, when can i rack?

    Have a kit wine that we are fermenting in my conical. We just added Kieselsol stirred waited and hour and then added chitosan. waited another hour... Now it wants me to stir it all up again? Should I rack it before stirring up, or rack an hour, day, week after the final stir? Then I...
  11. Elfmaze

    Newbee question about missing scheduled dates

    We are doing our first wine batch in my glycol chilled Conical. A 6 gallon batch of Vignoles by cellar craft. We have a 7 day vacation coming up with her Day 20 And 22 activities right in the middle of the vacation. She wanted my to ask. Day 20 is degasing And K-Meta Day 22 is...
  12. Elfmaze

    DIY chiller control, can I just use the temp probe?

    I am building a Chiller out of a spare AC I had around currently I have it runnning by putting the temp probe in front of a space heater... On eco mode it runs perfectly. shuts off the condenser fan and compressor when the probe is cold and turns everything on at once when the probe is hot...
  13. Elfmaze

    CO2 Leak detector - inline

    l had an idea last night of building a little jar that my kegerator feed CO2 flows thru that I can see the Co2 bubbling up thru a liquid on its way to the kegerator... get a better idea of C02 use. But Not sure what liquid I could use without contaminating the gas and if its a good idea or...
  14. Elfmaze

    Brewers Hardware CIP, is this correct?

    I ghetto plumbed my pump a HF 550GPH 50PSI pump to this thing and I wasn't as impressed as I though I would be.... Is this correct? I would have expected it to be more "aggressive" <iframe width="420" height="315"...
  15. Elfmaze

    Brewers Hardware 15 Gallon Jacketed Unboxing

    Just got my new conical in. It is the new version with the dimple jacket instead of the coil jacketed. BH has also added a sample port and I believe the two additional ports on the top are new as well. I plan to leave the manual read thermometer in place and use a top mounted thermometer...
  16. Elfmaze

    brewers hardware 15 gallon jacketed design change

    Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone looking to purchase one of these that I believe they have changed the design slightly. Mine has been on order for around a month. But I was told I will be getting a newly designed one. It will have a sample port in addition to the racking port. And...
  17. Elfmaze

    Glass front coke style fridge in Allentown Pa

    I found this fridge at the local scrap yard and was thinking I could fix it and make a ferm fridge for a conical, BUT when the repair guy came to look at it he said the wiring had been cut out and it was not worth it to look into fixing. The metal is all in good shape as is the door. Can...
  18. Elfmaze

    yeast starter pulled in water

    Forgot about the contraction thing when cold crashing a yeast starter and it sucked in some tap water through not the cleanest blowoff tube ever made. Is it risky to still use the yeast stater? I had a smack pack that took a week or two to swell but it has finally swollen. I had...
  19. Elfmaze

    Brewers hardware vs glacier tanks jacketed conicals

    Has anyone put in footwork to compare these two 15 gallon conicals? The glacier tanks one runs 400 bux more. From what I can tell the glacier tank pros are pressure tested and bigger man way. Glacier: The brewers hardware is thicker metal, and a larger dump valve. Brewers...
  20. Elfmaze

    Slight sour in extract fruit wheat

    I have had two failed fruit beer attempts, But this one was a kit using extract wheat extract and peach puree that I put in the primary near the end of boil(12.5 brix OG). Temperature controlled at 60* for the first week. It felt like it stalled out around 1.020 so I raised the temp to 65*...