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  1. alane1

    Captured wild what?

    I had a hydro sample sitting on the counter for a few days and the thing started bubbling like crazy. I made up a 12 oz. starter yesterday and now that's taking off. How do you guys proceed from here? Should I make a 1 gallon batch of something simple just to see how it tastes? Any insight would...
  2. alane1

    Farm fresh juice...question

    Last Sunday I purchased 6 gal of fresh pressed apple juice with an OG of 1.048. My procedure was crush 6 campden tabs and rack juice onto that and pectic enzyme, wait 24 hours and added 1tsp DAP and pitched rehydrated yeast(S-04). The fermentation has started but I'm getting a nasty smell from...
  3. alane1

    2015 Rhizome Swap

    I have Cascade, EKG, Nugget, Magnus, Northern Brewer, and Fuggle. I'm looking for Chinook, and Centennial. I also have a 2nd year Sorachi Ace that I'd be willing to divide if anyone has any Neo1 or other NeoMexicana rhizomes to share. PM me if interested.
  4. alane1

    Crazy Fermentation

    Hi all, I brewed a strong pumpkin ale last night and pitched on a yeast cake(s-04) from a brown ale. When I woke up this morning it blew the lid off my bucket!!! It was fermenting at 74f, so I quickly cleaned up and put the bucket in a tub of cold water. A few hours later I got it down to 64f...
  5. alane1

    GOT series premier...what are you making?

    I just got the Game Of Thrones cook book, so I wanted to make some of the recipes for the series premier. Here is what I was thinking; herb crusted rack of lamb turnips in butter brown bread poached pears all served with hippocras and black beer (homebrewed)
  6. alane1

    Mayflower spring hop 2014

    Have to say this one is a let down...smells and tastes just like fresh basil, don't know what hop this is but not as good as last year.
  7. alane1

    Old Schlitz ad circa 1920

    I'm remodeling my kitchen and found this in a newspaper under my floor boards. I can't wait to frame it.
  8. alane1

    Session ale question...

    For my next brew I was planning on an ordinary bitter. What is the best way for an all-grain batch, sparge full volume, or use equal parts mash and sparge water and top up in the kettle? This is for a 5.5 gal batch and I was planning on a 1.25qt/1lb ratio Grist: 6lbs. two row 1lb English...
  9. alane1

    My Game Of Thrones Black Beer

    Based on some historic recipes I've encountered, this is something I've brewed and when stale makes a great base for brown bread. Winterfell Black Beer(the one Tyrion wants with burnt bacon). 6lbs two row 3lbs brown malt 8oz. chocolate malt 4oz. peated barley 2.oz roasted barley Mashed...
  10. alane1

    Fall Cheer Spiced Graf

    Here's the recipe for the graf I made for Masstoberfest. I call it Fall Cheer because after one taste you'll fall off your cheer. For 5.5 U.S. gal. 3.3 lbs. Muntons Marris Otter LME 8 oz. Muntons DME 8 oz. brown sugar 1 lb. English crystal 60 .5 oz. centennial 60 min 12 cans Seneca...
  11. alane1

    Real TSP

    I just purchased a box of real TSP. After a quick search some posts said not to use it because it's unsafe while others said it was o.k., if anyone has any insight into the matter it would be a great help.
  12. alane1

    0Z97a...a new English hop variety?

    Just thought I'd share this link. With all the hype about American I.P.A., researchers at WYE hops are looking back at hop varieties that were once considered too "American", and are considering new breeding programs to revitalize this once abandoned hop...
  13. alane1

    Elderberry mead advice

    Hi all, I'm currently brewing an elderberry mead that is fermenting very slowly. It's dropping about 15 gravity points per week( O.G. 1.095). I'm not too worried about the fermentation but what concerns me the most is that I have 5lbs. of elderberry must (in a grain bag) sitting in the primary...
  14. alane1

    Blizzard...Is everyone ok?

    Just finished digging out and power is back on, wanted to see how my fellow New Englanders are doing.Here's a picture I took on my street
  15. alane1

    Dilemma...can't decide which hops to use

    I'm currently trying to decide which hops to use for a DIPA, problem is I have alot in my freezer all of which I like a lot but I dont want to over complicate the hop schedule.What would you do given these hops or which ones would you ommit?This is what I have in stock. 3oz. amarillo/pellets...
  16. alane1

    1st cyser advice needed

    I just made my first cyser, recipe as follows; 4 gal. apple juice @ 1.050 .5 lb. brown sugar added honey to bring o.g. to 1.080 1 pkg. safale-04 my question is safale-04 able to handle this gravity, or will I have to add a more alcohol tolerant yeast strain?
  17. alane1

    winter banana

    Is "winter banana" a decent cider apple? I have an old growth tree on my property that's half dead w/ another young tree about 6" in diameter growing next to it.They both produce apples bi-anually, I'm a beer brewer but if this variety makes a decent cider I was thinking about pressing...